WWE News: The Reason For The Bar Not Being Seen On 'SmackDown' In Weeks

When WWE brought forth the Superstar Shake-Up back in April, a number of big names moved between Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, and hopefully for the better. While some of the moves have worked out rather nicely, there is one tag team that has sort of disappeared in the last month and it's kind of disappointing for fans. The Bar had been one of the hottest teams in WWE for the last year, but now, they're just kind of gone.

The team of Sheamus and Cesaro is one that originally appeared to be thrown together with WWE hoping that bitter enemies would be good tag team partners. Well, they made the right call on that one as they went on to become "The Bar" and have great success by capturing the Raw Tag Team Titles on four occasions.

Even after being moved to SmackDown Live, they battled Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy for those titles one more time but were not successful in winning them. They started up a feud with The New Day which lasted a couple of weeks, but have since been absent and not seen on TV in weeks.

Earlier this week, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer was asked by a fan why The Bar has been missing in action, and his answer was rather simple.

That makes a lot of sense if the WWE creative team just doesn't have anything for them, but it is a bit disheartening. Sheamus and Cesaro were not only very successful but they were also very over with the fans and popular everywhere they went.

For a while, it seemed as if they would be partnered with The Miz to take on the trio of The New Day and that's what fans had for a couple of weeks on SmackDown Live. Then, all of a sudden, that was dropped and The Bar disappeared from TV.

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The tag team division on SmackDown Live actually has quite a bit of strength on it, and it's hard for all of them to become a focus. Here are some of the teams on the roster:

  • SAnitY
  • Bludgeon Brothers - current tag team champs
  • The New Day
  • The Usos
  • Team Hell No
  • The Colons
  • The Good Brothers
The Bar has not been seen on WWE television since the episode of SmackDown Live on May 29, 2018. As reported by WrestleZone, they did wrestle a dark match against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson which was before the main show and resulted in a loss.

The main roster of WWE has a lot of talent on it right now and it's hard to spread it all out among five hours of television each week. Not everyone is going to end up with a key program or in a feud for a title, but it's hard not to see Sheamus and Cesaro on TV for weeks. The Bar is one of the most talented and popular tag teams in the entire company and hopefully, the creative team will find something for them soon.