Cody Rhodes Takes Shot At WWE, Triple H For Trying To Sign Talents To Keep Them From Working 'All In'

In just a couple of months, Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks are going to put on a wrestling event called All In which isn't affiliated with any promotion and will be organized by them. They have already sold out the event and have a rather large list of confirmed talents who are scheduled to appear, but that is subject to change. The idea is being tossed around that WWE may look to sign talents to keep them from performing at the show, and Rhodes didn't take kindly to that.

All In is scheduled to take place in Chicago on Sept. 1, 2018, and the roster list is incredibly impressive even though many matches haven't yet been announced. Fans are really taking to the idea of a huge independent wrestling event like this taking place without the help of a major promotion and hope for more in the future.

Unfortunately, there may be some major obstacles standing in their way as they try to do more shows and it has to do with WWE.

Wrestling Inc. noticed that a fan asked Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer if he expects WWE to do anything outside of the arena where All In is being held. Meltzer responded honestly and believed the only thing that WWE could do would be to sign talents scheduled to perform.

While that is possible and something that WWE could do, it remains to be seen if they are willing to go that route to thwart All In. Once Meltzer's tweet began making the rounds on Twitter, Cody Rhodes caught wind of it and decided to respond to it in a rather smug and cocky fashion.
For anyone who may not get what Rhodes is implying, the "meet/greet style handshake photo" refers to the pics that Triple H takes with new signees. Upon being signed by WWE, Triple H takes a pic with a new talent and it is usually posted to the company's social media websites.

He's been doing it for years and it has become quite synonymous with Triple H and any new superstar in WWE.

Cody Rhodes' comments about "going back to wrestling school" are an obvious shot at NXT. It's hard to imagine, though, that anyone would really agree with him about one of the most popular and talented brands in the world being looked at as a "wrestling school."

With a little over two months until All In, it's not known if WWE is going to start reaching out to more talents scheduled for the show and try to sign them. If Triple H decides to go that route, it would be good for those superstars but truly end up hurting the overall card. Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks have worked very hard to put together this event and Rhodes' words show that he would not be thrilled to see it compromised.