Radio Host Tricked By The Onion’s Drone Photo

Did you see the ceremonial drone flyover during President Obama’s inauguration? No? Well, that’s probably because it didn’t happen.

Satirical newspaper The Onion created the doctored image for an article on its website entitled: Obama Begins Inauguration Festivities With Ceremonial Drone Flyover. Radio Host Andy Driscoll was tricked by the story and posted the image onto his Facebook page under the word “Ugly.”

Yahoo reports that Driscoll, a radio host at KFAI, received several comments on his photo. Some pointed out that the photo was a fake while others talked about how scared they were of drones and a second Obama administration.

One commentator writes: “Keeping America the beautiful at all cost. America at war 365 days a year and have been since the Declaration of Independence.”

After the photo was revealed as a fraud, Driscoll said that the only reason why he was fooled was because the picture hit so close to the truth.

Driscoll said:

“There’s a reason the Onion can make satire out of this photo, which was obviously doctored to give us a laugh (ceremonial drone flyover, indeed! HA!), is that satire is a stretch of the truth. Drone use for domestic surveillance and targeting killing abroad is a very real – and frightening – deployment of US firepower. So – the photo is satire – but why wouldn’t a surveillance drone have flown over the crowd of a half-million attendees at the inaugural? A very effective use of the technology, perhaps. So. Have a laugh about formation flyovers of drones, but keep in mind that truth is the basis for all satire.”

Do you think the photo is believable? Can you imagine a day when drones are flying in formation over American crowds?

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