Tamra Judge Discusses Alexis And Jim Bellino Divorce, Suspects He Is 'Going To Go To Jail'

Tamra Judge lashed out at the former husbands of The Real Housewives of Orange County during a recent episode of Heather McDonald's podcast series, Juicy Scoop.

After news of Judge suggesting that Lydia McLaughlin's husband, Doug McLaughlin, should "come out of the closet" hit the web, a new report has revealed that Judge also took aim at Alexis Bellino's husband, Jim Bellino, claiming he likely staged a fake divorce from her former co-star because he's facing legal issues.

"Why is he wanting spousal support? I have a theory. Everything's in her name. He's going to go to jail. Yeah, he's a shady motherf**ker," Judge explained, according to a report from Reality Blurb on June 26.

Judge's co-star, Shannon Beador, was also present during her interview with McDonald and shared her own thoughts about the couple's divorce.

"I heard they don't [have the Trampoline business anymore] because they were sued," Beador said. "I won't let my kids go because people get paralyzed. Apparently that happened."

"Do you think that possibly he's in trouble and she can't testify against him?" Judge asked.

"I don't know. It's interesting because she's not saying anything," Beador noted.

Jim Bellino filed for divorce from his wife last week and requested joint legal and physical custody of their kids, as well as spousal support from the former reality star. The Bellinos share three children and were married for 13 years.

Although Tamra Judge claims Jim Bellino is likely headed to jail, there doesn't appear to be any confirmation of any such thing quite yet. That said, the former reality husband did recently set up an odd website on the day of his divorce filing in which he attempted to shut down rumors of being a criminal.

All About the Real Housewives shared the news of Jim's website, revealing that Jim told readers that the point of his website was to showcase "the story of who I really am, as I dispel some common myths about my good name."

"These are made up stories about me that suggest I am a man of questionable moral and ethical character," he claimed.

Jim then shared a screenshot with his readers in which a criminal record search confirmed that he does not have a criminal record.

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