Body Of A Third-Party Contract Worker Is Found In Beer Cooler At Atlanta Braves’ Ballpark

On Tuesday, a body was found inside a walk-in beer cooler at SunTrust Park, in Cobb County, Georgia, which is the home of the Atlanta Braves. According to officials, the body belongs to a third-party contractor who does not have any ties to the team.

The New York Post reports that police officers responded to a “call of a deceased person located at SunTrust Park.”

A spokesperson for the Cobb County police has stated that an investigation is currently underway in regard to the grisly find. As yet, there is no indication of how the body ended up in the walk-in beer cooler. However, foul play can’t be ruled out just yet.

“This is still an active investigation so I am unable to speculate whether or not foul play is a factor,” Officer Sarah O’Hara told reporters, according to ESPN.

While police have been eager to withhold information on the discovery, there has been some speculation. However, until the coroner’s report is complied, it is unclear yet whether the person somehow became trapped in the walk-in beer cooler, if it was a death caused by natural causes, or if it should be considered as a homicide.

Officer O’Hara also stated that the identity of the dead person would not be released until the next of kin had been identified, according to a report by AJC.

The body of the third-party contractor was found by another worker from the same company who was also onsite at the time.

While earlier reports had suggested the body was found inside a freezer, officials have since confirmed the body was, in fact, found inside a walk-in cooler.

According to USA Today, the discovery was made mere hours before the scheduled match between the Braves and the Cincinnati Reds. However, gameplay went ahead regardless of the incident.

Of course, with the earlier news that a body was also discovered inside a house owned by New York Giants player Janoris Jenkins, some people are starting to ask questions.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the body of a man was discovered in the New Jersey home of Janoris Jenkins. Sources have reported that Jenkins was not present at the time. Instead, it is cited that he was in Florida. The body was discovered early on Tuesday morning in the basement of Jenkins’ home. Officials are currently investigating this death and the man has not yet been identified. As yet, there is no official link between the two deaths.

The investigation into why a body ended up in a walk-in cooler at the ballpark of the Atlanta Braves is currently still underway. It has been reported that the Atlanta Braves team is also assisting officials with their investigation.

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