‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 26 Episode: Abby Buys Pregnancy Test, Kayla Gets Proof, Will Confesses [Recap]

In the opening scenes of today’s episode of Days of Our Lives, Will (Chandler Massey) is prepared to risk his life in order to remember his past. He is preparing to inject himself with the stolen serum when Paul (Christopher Sean) interrupts him.

Will finally confesses to Paul that he had a memory. He admits that when Sonny hugged him, it took him to another time in his life. He tells Paul that he was afraid to share the memory because he remembered having a close attraction to Sonny. Paul wants him to remember because he chooses to believe that he can trust in their love.

Will informs Paul that he stole the serum, who becomes immediately angry. He wants him to return the vial to the hospital or destroy it. After making some convincing points, Paul realizes that he can’t talk Will out of injecting himself with the drug and finally agrees to help.

Sonny (Freddie Smith) yells at his father Justin (Wally Kurth) for trying to settle his case. Offering a jackpot to the sleazeball Leo makes him look guilty. Sonny realizes he should apologize to Justin because of the lawsuit dragging his family down.

Sonny informs Justin that Victor hired Chad as CEO of Titan. “Nobody is going to fight harder than Chad to grind Stefan into ashes.” Sonny isn’t concerned that his best friend will screw him over.

Across town, Days of Our Lives viewers watch as Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) is summoned by Stefan (Tyler Christopher) to the DiMera mansion.

Stefan wants to threaten and intimidate Kayla but she surprises him with the details he has been seeking. The man who Kate was seen speaking with is Ted, who is representing Leo in the sexual harassment case against Sonny. Justin believes that Kate DiMera is pulling the strings behind the lawsuit and now Kayla is convinced he is right.

In order for Stefan to hand over the technology for Steve’s bionic eye, he wants proof. Kayla begrudgingly agrees to do this for him but insists that this is the final step.


Sonny calls Leo (Greg Rikaart). He wants to meet with him and promises to make it worth his while. Sonny tries to get Leo to admit that they had a real connection, stating that if Leo can just “admit that the lawsuit is bogus they can be together.” Leo pulls the phone, which is recording the conversation, out of Sonny’s pocket and walks away.

In an effort to get the proof that Stefan requires, Kayla follows Leo from the square to Kate’s apartment. She is able to snap several photos of the two of them together before Kate pulls him into the room.

Days of Our Lives viewers are aware that Abby (Marci Miller) has returned to Salem and she may not be alone. While looking at the dates in the calendar, Abby realizes that she is probably pregnant. She remembers sleeping with Stefan and reality hits her hard.

Abby lies to Chad (Billy Flynn) about what is bothering her. She wishes she could go back and change things, but Chad tells her that they can only move forward and concentrate on the future.

Chad points out that what happened with Stefan is unspeakable, but if they let it take over their lives, it gives Stefan power. Chad loses his composure, breaks down in tears, and apologizes to Abby who still chooses to hide the true reasons for her concern.

On today’s episode of Days, Abby buys a pregnancy test and is thinking about taking it when she runs into her uncle Steve (Stephen Nichols). She believes that she owes him an apology. He tells her to not worry about anything that she said or did as an alter.

“Don’t blame yourself for Stefan’s sins. That creep took advantage of you in the worst possible way. So, don’t you beat yourself up about it. If you do, Stefan wins and we can’t ever let him win.”

In the final scene of today’s June 26 episode of Days of Our Lives, Stefan is seen reading the press release announcing Chad’s new position with Titan. Chad walks in with a smug smile on his face and takes a seat in the DiMera common room.

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.