Tommy Lee Goes On A Twitter Tirade After Howard Stern Blames Him For Heather Locklear’s Issues

Kevin WinterGetty Images for PETA

Tommy Lee is nothing if not a hot mess. When he first started hitting the news recently, it was because of a falling out between himself and his son, Brandon Lee. Now, the former Motley Crue drummer is back in the news, this time over his other ex-wife, Heather Locklear.

According to the Daily Mail, Tommy Lee — who was married to Locklear back in the 1980s during Motley Crue’s peak period — took to Twitter to unleash his animus against shock-jock radio host Howard Stern.

Stern, who joked on his show that the Melrose Place actress “went crazy” after being married to both Lee and former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, claimed that his remark was “tongue in cheek.”

That didn’t stop Lee from going off the proverbial deep end on his Twitter account, though.

Lee was so angry about the slight, in fact, that he posted the same status twice.

Calling Stern the “queen of all media,” Lee reminded the DJ that the marriage was nearly 25 years ago, and told him that he should be “wishing her well” instead of bashing him.

Almost immediately, fans began responding to Tommy Lee’s remarks, telling him — basically — to calm down and take several chill pills.

Lee’s response comes in the wake of his ex-wife’s arrest — which, as has been previously reported by the Inquisitr, occurred after the former actress hit both a police officer and a first responder. This arrest marked the second arrest of its kind this year, and fans and friends alike are telling the press that the troubled star “needs help” for her addiction to booze and pills.

Meanwhile, over in Tommy Lee’s world, things aren’t looking so great, either.

As has also been previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lee isn’t exactly winning any awards for “father of the year” anytime soon, especially since he took to Instagram to call his two sons, Brandon and Dylan (whom he shares with Pamela Anderson), “a–holes.”

Brandon Lee returned the favor not long thereafter, reminding his Daddy Dearest that the last time he talked that trash about him and his mother, he was “knocked out” by the younger Lee. He went on to say that the elder Lee needed rehab for his addictions.

The two continue to trade barbs on social media, to this day, with Tommy Lee commenting that he paid several thousands of dollars towards Brandon Lee and his various expenses.