Heather Locklear’s Friend Says She’s Hit ‘Rock Bottom’

Richard ShotwellAP Images

The episodes involving police and overdose seem to be repeating rapidly for Heather Locklear who is back in a Los Angeles hospital after being released on bail for assault. Struggles with addiction and mental health have contributed to Heather finally hitting “rock bottom,” says an old friend who claims that this behavior really isn’t typical of the blonde beauty.

Locklear, 56, was taken back to the hospital for the second time in a week after someone called from her home saying that the actor was in distress from an overdose. Less than 24 hours before, Heather’s parents called the police to say that Locklear was behaving violently says Hollywood Life. Ventura County Sheriff Captain Beckett confirmed that someone from Locklear’s address had a “medical emergency” again last night.

“I can confirm that we responded to a medical emergency at that address, fire called, fire handled the situation and transported one person to the hospital for a medical emergency.”

Now an old friend of Locklear says that Heather will seek treatment after her hospitalization and detox because it is perceived that things have gotten to a critical point, and her family is concerned that she could die.


Locklear’s teen daughter has been particularly upset by her mother’s crisis.

“Heather is hitting rock bottom and her daughter and other family members are seriously concerned for her health and well-being. It breaks her daughter’s heart that Heather has been in so much trouble recently, and Ava has been pleading with her mom to get help.”

Her friend added that these events have left Heather depressed and out of control. She says that this behavior is not characteristic of who Locklear is as a person.

“Her recent troubles with the law is not who Heather is nor who she wants to be. Heather is a nice, sweet, kind, and generous person who feels she has hit her final rough patch. She is ready for some major life changes. It seems her last trip to jail was a real wake up call for her because she feels miserable, is sincerely sorry, and ready to do things differently. She feels demoralized and never wants to do go through that ever again.”

The friend says that getting arrested yesterday for assaulting people who were trying to help her was a real low point. Heather Locklear punched a police officer in the stomach and kicked an EMT who was trying to get her on a gurney. Sobering up behind bars was an eye-opener.