NBA Rumors: James Harden Will Not Try To Recruit LeBron James To Houston Rockets

James Harden just won his first NBA MVP award and helped the Houston Rockets make it to Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals against the Golden State Warriors. While the Rockets were unable to knock the Warriors off, there are many that believe they will be in a good position to do so next offseason.

Houston has also been mentioned as a potential free agency landing spot for LeBron James this offseason.

Chris Paul, who is a free agent himself, has not hidden the fact that he is recruiting James to play in Houston. Harden, on the other hand, seemed to say that the Rockets don’t need James after winning the MVP. He thinks that the team is good enough with the current pieces that they have to win a title.

In a report shared by Bleacher Report, Harden stated that he will not be recruiting James in free agency this offseason to join him in Houston.

“We were a half away from the Finals. I don’t think there’s a piece we need to bring in or take away. We’re great with what we have.”

While Harden isn’t wrong, the Rockets could certainly use another piece or two to help them over the hump. Paul has never been reliable from a health perspective and the rest of the supporting cast disappeared at times in the playoffs. Harden and James may not be the perfect match, but they would be a duo that would make things difficult on the Warriors.

The article states an opinion that Harden might just change his mind when free agency opens up.

“When the time comes to make a serious pitch to George, James or any other marquee free agent, Harden likely won’t hesitate to do whatever he can to help improve the Rockets roster.”

It will be interesting to see what free agency has in store this offseason. James looks likely to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he will listen to no-nonsense offers from other teams. Houston can offer him a chance to compete with a title alongside two stars, which would be tough for him to pass up.

More than likely, if the Rockets have a serious chance at landing James, Harden would be involved in the process. Houston may not “need” another star, but adding one certainly couldn’t hurt.

Expect to continue hearing James’ name come up in rumors connected with the Rockets. He may not end up seriously considering signing with Houston, but a James and Harden duo would be entertaining, to say the least.

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