‘The Walking Dead’: Chandler Riggs Weighs In On Andrew Lincoln’s Departure

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When Carl Grimes died in Season 8 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, TV viewers and comic book fans alike were shocked. Carl was one of the main characters who appeared first all the way back in Season 1 of the zombie apocalypse series. He was also the very reason his father, Rick Grimes, battled on when the odds were down.

In the comic books series the TV show is based on, Carl is still very much alive and central to the storylines, which meant AMC was prepared to deviate quite significantly from the source material in order to shock the audience as well as give Rick a reason not to kill Negan, something that had never been fully explained in the comics of the same name.

However, when reports started to emerge that the actor who plays Rick Grimes, Andrew Lincoln, was going to leave The Walking Dead in Season 9, viewers were stunned. Once more, it seemed another major character was to bow out of the popular TV series. While this news is yet to be officially confirmed by AMC, there is plenty of evidence to suggest Andrew Lincoln will be leaving The Walking Dead. Collider originally broke the news of Lincoln’s departure and then Digital Spy suggested Lincoln would only appear in six episodes of Season 9.

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Now, after the dust has settled and there is still no official confirmation from AMC, the actor who played Lincoln’s onscreen son, Chandler Riggs, has revealed to Comic Book what he thinks about Andrew’s potential departure.

Comic Book reveals that Good Day Sacramento spoke to Chandler Riggs recently and asked him what he thought about Lincoln’s departure. Riggs replied that he was surprised the star was leaving The Walking Dead. However, he thought it would be good for Andrew to be able to spend more time with his family if he does actually leave the zombie apocalypse series.

“I mean, Andy has been on the show for so long and he’s had to leave his family every single year, so I was surprised, but at the same time, it’s gonna be good for him to get back to his family and raise his kids.”

While Chandler Riggs may be ready to voice his opinion on the potential departure of Andrew Lincoln, the actor admits he hasn’t spoken to Lincoln personally yet in regard to the possible departure.

“I haven’t talked to him in months,” Riggs told Good Day Sacremento.

As for whether the rumors are true in regard to Andrew Lincoln’s departure from The Walking Dead, fans will just have to wait for the official confirmation from AMC or tune into Season 9 of the zombie series.

Season 9 of The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC later this year.