Henry Bowers As An Adult And Audra Have Been Cast For Stephen King’s ‘It: Chapter Two’

Warner Bros.

Last week, the second half of the remake of Stephen King’s It officially began production thanks to a rather humorous post from actor James McAvoy. Not long after that, two more big roles were cast for the movie, and now, there are two other key parts which have actors in place. On Monday, news broke that Teach Grant will take on the role of bully Henry Bowers as an adult with Jess Weixler playing the part of Audra, Bill’s wife.

There may be some information ahead that could somewhat be considered as spoilers. If you have not yet read Stephen King’s novel and don’t want to know ahead of the release of the sequel, then stop reading now.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Xavier Dolan has been cast as Adrian Mellon who had a pivotal part in Stephen King’s novel, but he wasn’t present in the miniseries from the ’90s. Will Beinbrink is taking on the role of Tom Rogan who is the abusive husband and business partner of Beverly Marsh.

Variety exclusively reported on Monday that Teach Grant has been cast to play the part of bully Henry Bowers once the Losers Club has grown up. Weixler is going to take on the role of Audra, who is the wife of Bill Denbrough (McAvoy).

Stephen King’s It: Chapter Two will fast forward to when the Losers Club is all grown up and they’ve essentially buried the horrible things that happened in Derry when they were kids. Now, Pennywise the clown is back to continue his reign of terror and they have to battle their greatest fears once again.

Grant taking on the part of Bowers is one that will require him to kind of take on the parts of three different personalities. Henry Bowers is still a bully who is now an adult and continuing his mean streak while also trying to cope with the horrible things he witnessed as a teenager.

It is going to be very interesting to see how the role of Audra is presented and how Jess Weixler gets to play her. Not to give anything away, but the fate of Audra is different in the novel as opposed to what happened to her at the end of the miniseries.

Teach Grant and Jess Weixler join a huge cast for Stephen King’s It: Chapter Two which includes James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Xavier Dolan, Will Beinbrink, and many others. New Line and Warner Bros. know that the first part of the remake making more than $700 million worldwide is something they want to see again, and it is obvious with the star-studded line-up. Adult Henry Bowers and Audra are key pieces that needed to be cast carefully, and now, it’s just a matter of seeing how they are presented.