5 Best One-Liners From ‘The Old Man’ Richard Harrison On ‘Pawn Stars’

Ethan MillerGetty Images

It has been reported that the “Old Man” from the popular reality show Pawn Stars has passed away at the age of 77. Harrison is survived by his son, Rick Harrison, who made the announcement. The Inquisitr recently reported on Richard Harrison’s passing.

The show’s successful nature is based upon the camaraderie and clashing of the employees at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Mixed into the men’s conversations is a slew of sayings and one-liners spoken by Richard “Old Man” Harrison. In honor of his life, fans are remembering some of the best moments from Pawn Stars.

Rick Harrison, son of “Old Man” Harrison, once stated on the History Channel show that he doesn’t know if his father had all of his sayings written in a book at home or not, but he had a saying for almost everything. The other men from the pawn shop have fun with them. Rick fondly recalled that they would always look them up on the internet to see if they’re real.

Its unsure where “Old Man” Harrison got all of his saying from, but they always made Pawn Stars viewers laugh. His family and employees at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop believe that the sayings originate from a combination of him growing up in the south and being in the navy for so long. Regardless of where he got his sayings from, “Old Man” Richard Harrison said some off-the-chart things.

One of the family’s favorites was “quit skylarking.” Nobody in the shop had any clue what the term meant until they looked it up on the internet. The saying is old military jargon which means to “stop the horseplay,” which probably would have been more easily understood.

Pranks and shenanigans are in no shortage on episodes of Pawn Stars and the employees take them in stride. The “Old Man” purchased a brand new smartphone on which he used to prank call the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop 27 times in one day. When he got caught in the act by his son, Richard defiantly stated, “any phone that can mess with you is pretty smart.”

According to a Fox News report in January, Pawn Stars aired its 500th episode and the “Old Man” was proud of their accomplishment.

“500 episodes is really a big deal. It’s definitely a landmark in TV as far as weekly prime-time shows go, and I believe there is only a handful that has actually gone this far — so it’s really something to be proud of.”

The death of Richard Harrison will have a huge impact on the show, which has had the same cast since the very first episode. One thing is certain if the show goes down now that the “Old Man” is gone: “it will be on the horse” someone “rode in on.”