‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 25: Gabi Offered Job, Abby Home With Surprise, Lani Names Son, Theresa Sues Brady

Today’s June 25 episode of Days of our Lives is very heartfelt and emotional. In recent episodes of the daytime drama, viewers have been saddened by the early delivery and death of Eli and Lani’s baby. Distraught and mourning, Lani asks to hold her son.

Eli tries to deny her the opportunity and Abe believes that holding the baby is the last thing Lani needs right now. Valerie disagrees, believing that Lani needs closure.

While speaking with her father, Lani emotionally describes pregnancy and beginning to love the child growing inside of her. She can’t stop thinking that this is somehow her fault. She believes that if she had just gone to the hospital the moment she felt pain, the baby would still be alive. Abe tells his daughter that none of this is her fault.

Valerie brings the baby into the room and Eli and Lani have a moment to spend with their child, saying goodbye and giving him a name.

“You are so beautiful, I love you so much, sweetheart. Momma loves you so much.”

Eli asked Lani if she had a name in mind for their child. She stated that she was thinking of naming him David after Eli’s family. Eli mentioned that he had thought of the name Abraham. They decided upon the name David Abraham Grant and held a memorial service for him in the presence of both Abe and Valerie.

Across town, Days of our Lives viewers watch as JJ struggles with his own sorrow regarding the loss of Lani’s baby. He cares about Lani a great deal and is worried about her. He doesn’t want to be in the way, so instead of heading to the hospital, JJ waits at his studio apartment for Eli to call.

Theresa, still staying at JJ’s studio, has just sued Brady for full custody of their son Tate. Brady is furious and it doesn’t take long for him to show up at the door to confront Theresa. Brady lays into Theresa, calling her spiteful and degrading her motives.

“You want to do what’s right for our son Theresa; you need to drop this custody case now!”

JJ steps up and tells Brady that he should be grateful for everything that Theresa did to protect him and Tate. She was scared, and she made some mistakes but her intentions were good.

“If you are going around and looking for someone to blame, you’ve gotta look in a mirror.”

JJ opens the door and tells Brady it’s time for him and Eve to leave. The fight wasn’t his business until Brady showed up and literally brought it to his door.

Days fans watch today as Gabi goes to see Stefan. She immediately demands an apology and claims that she is going to file charges against him.

“You sent me to prison and now I am going to return the favor.”

Stefan believes going to the DA will be a waste of her time. Gabi blames Stefan for her daughter hating her and throws a glass across the room, which shatters, narrowly missing his head. Gabi then tells Stefan that she was a star pitcher in high school and missed on purpose.

Gabi attempts to insult him in Spanish, only to find that Stefan can both understand and speak the language. Stefan would love to hear all of the names she wishes to call him, but he has a few things to say to her first.

Stefan apologizes to Gabi and says that he would like to make it up to her. He has an idea. Stefan offers, “Why don’t you come back to DiMera and run Gabi Chic?” He views Gabi as a smart and strong businesswoman with good instincts. Gabi coming back to DiMera will be mutually beneficial.

Gabi agrees and takes the job with a 25 percent salary increase. She isn’t just being given a job, she was handed the perfect opportunity to destroy Stefan, from the inside.

In recent episodes of Days of our Lives, Chad DiMera has taken on the position of CEO at Titan Industries. As he is speaking with Kate on the phone about Sonny’s lawsuit, Abby surprises him. As Days viewers may remember, Abby has been gone from Salem getting treatment for multiple personality disorder.

Abby wants to know everything that has happened in the month that she has been gone.

As Chad is kissing his wife, he remembers her in bed with Stefan and immediately pulls away. Chad wants to pretend it never happened, however, Abby thinks that they should discuss it.

Her alternate personalities, Gabby and Dr. Laura, are no longer a separate entity. They have been integrated to be a part of Abby, so she does remember everything that her alternate personalities did while she was ill. The most difficult part of her recovery was realizing that she had hurt him when she slept with his brother, Stefan.

Chad says that they definitely have things to work through, but they can do anything. They love each other.

Chad suggests finding a date to take Gabi to lunch so that the pair can begin to resolve their friendship issues. When Abby looks at her calendar, she makes a discovery. She will need to take a test to confirm it, however, she believes that she is pregnant. Who is the father?

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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