‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Worries About Kevin, Nina Pushes Back, And Obrecht Reconsiders Her Strategy

The week of June 25 is slated to be a wild one in Port Charles according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Jason is doing his best to help Carly, but obstacles are arising, and the Peter situation is causing chaos on multiple fronts. Where are things headed in Monday’s show?

Viewers saw that on Friday’s show, Jason got a few moments to speak with Carly. He encountered Kevin as he was leaving and a screaming patient near Carly’s spot had him wondering who was there. General Hospital spoilers hint that it might take some time to get solid answers on this front, but there are numerous theories floating around on social media.

Some fans wonder if it could be Morgan in that room, as many viewers feel that Carly and Sonny’s son will show up alive at some point. That possibility gained traction over the weekend when actor Bryan Craig shared a teaser on Instagram that made many think he was returning, but as the Inquisitr has reported, he quickly debunked that one.

Another dominant theory is that it’s Kevin in that room, locked up against his will and that it’s actually his evil twin Ryan who is acting as Kevin at this point. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that later this week, Lucy will be feeling worried about Kevin. That certainly lays the groundwork for the possibility of a twin switch here, but it’s going to take a little while for answers to be revealed.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Jason will feel somewhat shaken by his encounter with Kevin, worrying that Kevin will force him out at Ferncliff as he’s trying to help Carly. Elsewhere in Port Charles, Sam and Curtis will get busted as they’re trying to search Peter’s old room, as it turns out that Margaux resides there now. Sam will scramble and seemingly cover, but it doesn’t look as if they’ll get the information they were seeking.

Valentin set up a romantic recreation of Morocco for Nina, but things got tense for the two at the Crimson office. It seems that he will keep trying to persuade Nina to give him a true chance to redeem himself, but she will be angry as she misinterprets some of what he says and struggles to maintain her cover on the Peter situation.

Soap Central indicates that Maxie will talk with Jordan about Peter, and Obrecht will spend some time with her cabin prisoner. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Liesl will consider changing course on what she does with her captive, as she will ponder whether keeping him around and alive will be more interesting than killing him off.

These summer storylines are really heating up and fans are buzzing over where they think things are headed next. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as the week of June 25 plays out and don’t miss the next episode airing Monday on ABC.

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