Christina Milian Shows Off Fit Body In Black Bikini

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With a body like that, can you really blame her for wanting to show it off to the world?

Yesterday, Christina Milian took to her popular Instagram page to share a photo of herself getting into a summer mindset. In the image, Milian sits on a lounge chair as she snaps a selfie. The photo is taken at a downward angle, perfectly showing Milian’s fit body in a teeny black bikini. The sexy bikini top ties in the middle, leaving very little to the imagination. The bottoms also go up very high, exposing a ton of Milian’s fit legs.

To complete her poolside look, the singer goes makeup free for the camera, donning only a pair of black sunglasses with silver sides. Milian did not disclose where she was at in the photo, but she did share a few more bikini-clad pics on her Instagram story as well as a few videos of herself in the pool and enjoying some Mahi Mahi.

So far, the sexy snapshot has earned a ton of traffic from Christina’s 4.4 million followers with over 34,000 likes and 300-plus comments within just 18 hours of being posted. A few fans commented to ask Milian what she does for a workout to keep her body so fit while countless others just gushed over how beautiful she is.

“Natural beauty! It don’t get any better.”

“Hello beautiful lady always looking lovely,” another fan wrote.

Two days before the bikini-clad picture, Milian shared another sexy photo with fans, this time in what appear to be black bikini bottoms and a ruffled black top. It seems as though the 36-year-old is posing in a bathroom as she leans against a set of drawers. The singer completes her sultry look with a pair of open-toed black heels, which really help to elongate her legs. Like the previous snapshot, this one also received a ton of attention with over 91,000 likes in addition to 800-plus comments.

staying home tonight.. ???? #mp

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But exactly how does Milian keep her body looking so good? In an interview with Essence, Milian confesses that at 5-foot 2-inches, it’s not easy to always stay trim but she does her best. Christina says that sometimes she will workout two times a day but other times she can only squeeze in three workouts a week, depending on her busy schedule. She also likes to switch up her workouts.

“I love outdoor workouts. In LA I’ll hike up the Canyons at a steady pace; something that gets my heart rate going. I also like to do a combination of cardio and strength training. I’ve never really been crazy about bootcamps and CrossFit; those are too rough for me.”

It seems as though she’s got the whole routine down pretty well because she looks amazing.