‘Double Dare’ Revival To Feature YouTube Star As Host, Marc Summers Explains His Role On Nickelodeon Reboot

Double Dare is back—and slimier than ever. The beloved 1980s/’90s game show returns to Nickelodeon with a modern day twist, but that neon green gunk hasn’t changed much in 30 years. YouTube comedian Liza Koshy will host the revival, while Marc Summers will serve as an executive producer and provide commentary on the physical challenges, according to TV Line.

Summers, who hosted the original version of the classic kiddie game show from 1986 to 1993, described the Double Dare reboot as “bigger” and “louder” than the original.

“The obstacle course may be about 20 percent bigger than it was back in the day. It’s a mixture of old and new.”

New Double Dare challenges will include Overstuffed, a giant teddy bear waiting to be unstuffed, Couch Surfing, a dirty couch with a flag hidden inside it, and Tube-A-Totter, a Plexiglas tube filled with that signature Double Dare slime. But the revival will also include many of the old favorites, including Down the Hatch, Pick It, The Tank, and The Wringer, as well as the all-important team trivia.

Summers said for grown-up fans tuning in to recapture the nostalgia of the original series, the new Double Dare will have “a whole different flavor.” The longtime Nickelodeon host said this is not the same Double Dare ’80s fans knew and loved, but instead is “something for 2018.”

“It’s an interesting combination because there are grownups who want to see Marc Summers and then they have kids who have no idea who Marc Summers is,” Summers explained.


New host Liza Koshy also explained some of the changes to Double Dare for the revival.

“It’s going to be shot differently, right?” the 22-year-old comic told Hollywood Life. “Because the technology has advanced since [the ’80s]. There’s going to be a lot that’s changed, but we’re also bringing back the classics — we have the ringer, the hamster wheel, the nose. We’re bringing back all that nostalgic, iconic stuff from back then, but we’re also mixing it in with technology and stuff we have now. We’re just going to make a bigger, better, bolder set and just have the slimiest, messiest challenges.”

In May, TMZ teased the Double Dare 40-episode reboot and Summers’ involvement as a producer. The entertainment site also revealed that in addition to the team trivia, teams will also face off in the obstacle courses, just like they did in the original version of the show. And of course, there’s cash and prizes.

While the kiddie contestants from the original Double Dare are now all grown up, Entertainment Weekly revealed that some of them are expected to return for the Double Dare revival.

Take a look at the video below to see new host Liza Koshy previewing the all-new Double Dare.

Double Dare premieres Monday, June 25th at 8/7c on Nick.