Businessman Paddleboarded Across Hudson River Because He Was Running Late To A Meeting

The horrible traffic from New Jersey to New York City meant that Scott Holt was running late for an important meeting. Rather than call to say he’d be late, or to cancel the meeting altogether, Holt made a dramatic decision: he would paddleboard across the Hudson River.

Commuters watched in amazement as Holt paddleboarded in his suit. Holt says that when he arrived in New York, a policeman and a Water Taxi captain were waiting to talk to him. Holt described the situation, as reported NBC4 New York.

“The Waterway guy was straight out of a movie, screaming, ‘Are you trying to f****** die out here? … He was being helpful but cursing me out at the same time.”

Although the two had some words for Holt, they let him go and he made it to his meeting on time. However, he said that “The meeting didn’t go as well as my commute. I’m still looking for a manager.” Holt is an aspiring comedian.

This isn’t to say that the 30-minute paddleboard session from New Jersey to New York was a good idea, and it looks like Holt avoided potential disaster.

Holt said, “Boats’ wakes were coming at me from different angles and the current was quick closer to Manhattan.”

Many people have drowned in the Hudson River. Recently on June 18, a female and a male were in the river. The female was able to make it towards the shoreline, where she was found. The male was found unconscious, and was later determined to have drowned. Both people were found to have been wearing life vests, but they were not the right size, according to the Hudson Valley News Network. So, it’s lucky for Holt that he made it across safely, considering that even he admitted that he almost fell in a few times.

However, when done safely, paddleboarding has become increasingly popular as a fun way to enjoy the waters. And when it comes to strange sights and paddleboards, Holt is not alone. A cat named Jingles is known to be a great paddleboarder.

Her owner Sara Holliday said that “If we try to go without her she just runs alongside the beach and cries. So now I guess this is her gig. She’s getting pretty good,” according to the Bellingham Herald.

Although it’s strange to see a cat enjoying water sports, Jingles is apparently a snowshoe, which is a breed that particularly enjoys the water.

There’s also another cat in Minnesota named Max that paddleboards too. Max is ten-year-old and was a rescue. Although the cat is pretty large, weighing around 16.5 pounds, he’s reportedly never fallen off his paddleboard, detailed the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

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