Meghan Markle’s Dad Found A Way To Put His Royal Wedding Suit To Good Use


A little bit of recycling was in order for the royal wedding suit that Thomas Markle originally planned to wear to the wedding of her daughter Meghan Markle to Prince Harry. To put it plainly, Mr. Markle decided against keeping it as a souvenir and chose to sell the outfit instead. Public relations consultant Johnno Spence later snatched up the lucky find at a store in Chelsea for a cool £2,000 ($2,653.59 USD). The PR guru was later photographed proudly wearing the suit to the UK’s Royal Ascot, according to the BBC.

The details surrounding the once-in-a-lifetime purchase include how Johnno Spence bought the outfit for about half of its original price from men’s outfitter, Oliver Brown. The Chelsea-based men’s outfitter, which is known for supplying silk top hats to prestigious events, is also an official licensee of the famous Berkshire race course.

Pictures of Johhno Spence at the Royal Ascot show him cutting a dapper figure in the solid gray suit. The outfit, which features a white shirt and tie worn underneath the jacket, also includes metal pins and a colorful rose boutonniere on the lapels. The suit was rumored to need some alterations before Mr. Spence could wear it, and a source was quoted telling the Daily Mail that with some slight adjustments, the royal outfits would “fit Johnno like a glove – and they did.”

The getup, that came with a bit of House of Windsor history included, has received heavy media attention so far. And if one were to go by the amount of publicity about it, the dark suit worn by Johnno Spence to the Royal Ascot is probably more popular than the Royal Ascot list of 2018 best dressed, as reported by Express, which features stylish celebrities such as Kelly Brook and Helen Mirren.

Thomas Markle had originally planned to walk his daughter, the Duchess of Sussex, down the aisle in May. He had to miss the event due to heart problems, and he said that he regretted missing his daughter’s event and that he was “doing much better,” reports CBS.

Meghan Markle reportedly cried when she found out that her father would not be able to make it to her wedding. Mr. Markle wound up watching the event on television with the rest of the world. One Twitter user, on the other hand, was offended by the choice of attire by Mr. Spence, calling the choice “reprehensible.”

Johnno Spence, who is the founder of the Public Relations firm, JSC Communications, is rumored to have attended the Royal Ascot on Tuesday, the same day Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were also in attendance. There has been no official word yet on whether the Duchess of Sussex, seated just a few feet away, noticed the PR guru wearing her dad’s second-hand attire.