Tiffany Trump Gets Ready To Celebrate Pride Week By Making Her Own Colorful Ensemble


Tiffany Trump — hot off the heels of a day of Pride partying that included dinner with her mother Marla Maples and an evening of dancing with her friends at trendy Tao Downtown’s annual Swedish Midsummer party — is not quite done with the festivities yet according to The Daily Mail. Preparing for another night out yesterday, the 24-year-old daughter of President Donald Trump got ready for another night of festivities for New York City’s Pride Week by decorating a denim jacket and a t-shirt with brightly colored paint and nail polish.

Tiffany posted her works-in-progress to Instagram, live as she was working on them. One video posted to Instagram story details her improvisational skills as she deftly uses nail polish to add a sparkling effect to an eye design on a t-shirt.

“When in the car with no paint… I use polish,” she wrote in a caption on the video.

In another video shared to the rolling Instagram story feed, she used hot pink paint to fill in the lips on the same shirt. Trump also posted two brief clips of her displaying a denim jacket she had painted in a metallic shade.

“Let’s see how this turns out,” she wrote.

Pride Saturday ????????

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Trump, currently a student at Georgetown University studying law, was later seen on social media posing for a photo with her friend Andrew Warren outside Soho House New York — a private members club primarily aimed at those working in the arts and media. Warren is a fashion designer, responsible for the Just Drew label, and was wearing the modified shirt that Trump had worked on earlier in the day.

The Instagram post was liked by over a thousand users, including Maples. “You two look great! Luv u,” Maples wrote in reply to the posted picture.

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Tiffany Trump and her friends have been celebrating NYC Pride for the near-entirety of the event, with the culmination of the festivities to take place today during the annual Pride Parade.

Not everyone is happy with her, however, as social media users have lashed out over her father’s positioning on LGBT issues. President Trump has not formally acknowledged June as Pride Month unlike his predecessor in Barack Obama, adding fuel to the outrage circling social media.

Some commenters on Warren’s Instagram snap of him and Tiffany Trump callously referred to the picture as a “scam.”

“Isn’t her father a member of a political party that makes targeting LGBT people a priority?” opined one user.

Warren defended his friend and spoke to the greater concept of individualism and the right to individual judgment.

“Isn’t everyone their own person?” Warren replied.

It is quite likely that Tiffany Trump and her entourage will be present for the massive Pride Parade in New York City later on today, though whether or not she’ll be wearing another of her now-famous customized t-shirts is yet to be known.