Immigration Border Patrol Bus Carrying Children Blocked By Protestors In Texas

Zero-tolerance policies enforced by the Trump administration have resulted in more than 2,300 separations of immigrant children from their parents, inciting fury and outrage across the country.

While Trump’s other divisive, but less quantifiable legislation since taking office has been met with considerable opposition, as of late the president is receiving considerably more push-back from the American public regarding immigration reform. Recently, Trump walked back the most controversial aspect of his immigration policy, which is responsible for the aforementioned parent-child immigrant separations.

A reportedly embarrassed President Donald Trump, intimidated by the shadow of disapproval from former Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly, among other critics, according to CBS News, was ultimately pressured into wavering some on the issue which was the foundation of his 2016 campaign.

This historic fury over immigration reform is still causing mass confusion across the country and even inside the White House, as the reversal stops any new separations, but does little for the 2,300 already affected. Tensions demonstrably continue to grow, as Saturday a group of demonstrators took to the streets, stopping a bus near an immigration detention facility. Demonstrators chanted accusations of “shame” at border patrol officers in control, according to Business Insider.

Bill O’Reilly, former Fox News host of ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ and possibly and unlikely hero of immigrant families, according to reports.

Protests continue to spread across the United States, including events in Los Angeles, California, and Homestead, Florida.

Also according to CBS, the Department of Health and Human Services have reunited some 500 families in the wake of the public rejection of Trump’s controversial method of implimenting new immigration reform. Although the DHHS has reunited many, more than 1,500 families remain separated, though they are hopeful every family will be reunited eventually.

Trump’s immigration policy is so divisive, many outlets are even reporting turmoil inside the White House, in regards to the legislative agenda.

Donald Trump came to the United States presidency in 2016 following a campaign spanning nearly two years. From day one, Trump’s mantra, aside from “Make America Great Again,” was “we are going to build a wall.” Then-President-elect Donald Trump was of course referring to building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, designed to keep immigrants Mexico and Central American countries from entering the United States.

Trump rallies during the 2016 campaign were known for breaking into chants of “build the wall,” aside other famous lines, like “lock her up,” referencing opposing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. As such, conservative voters were taken in by the campaign, and Trump is certainly following through on tightening up immigration policies of the United States.

However, as of June 24, 2018, approximately a year-and-a-half into Donald Trump’s presidency, his promised border wall still has yet to begin construction.

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