Hospital Tapes Pacifier To Baby’s Face

A hospital staff member in Staffordshire, UK has been suspended for taping a pacifier to a baby’s face. The incident, which was just made public, reportedly happened earlier this month.

Mason Fellows, who was born prematurely, was having difficulty breathing and was admitted to Stafford Hospital. The four-month-old baby was still recovering from treatment when a nurse discovered that his pacifier was secured to his face with tape.

Stafford Hospital has been involved in an ongoing investigation surrounding allegations of neglect. The official report of the inquiry will be released on February 5th., but the report is rumored to contain some disturbing information. As reported by The Telegraph, sources have suggested that between 400 and 1,200 patients died needlessly due to a catalogue of failings and appalling standards of care.”

It is rumored that the report will blame adminstrators who reduced spending and staff in an effort to maintain “efficiency” quotas. The facility has to maintain a certain level of productivity to maintain status as a “foundation.”

Mason Fellows was only the latest victim of neglect. As reported by The Times UK, the pacifier was taped to the baby’s face in an attempt to stop him from crying.

A statement released by the Staffordshire Police addresses the ongoing investigation into the matter:

“Officers from our Protecting Vulnerable People Department are at the very early stages of investigating a complaint concerning the treatment of a baby boy by a member of staff at Stafford Hospital earlier this month.”

Stafford Hospital’s director of nursing and midwifery offered Mason’s family an apology. He stated that the pacifier being taped to the baby’s face was an isolated and exceptional incident.

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