Clive Barker’s ‘Nightbreed’ Coming To Syfy, Horror Movie Classic Will Be Adapted For TV

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Author Clive Barker specializes in very violent and sexual-tinged horror. His approach is imaginative and engrossing, with novels being adapted into several full length features in past years. Some of Barker’s book-to-movie creations include the Hellraiser movie series, Rawhead Rex, Book of Blood, Candyman, and The Midnight Meat Train. Fans of the author frequently rank his work, and one such list can be found on Bloody Disgusting, with Nightbreed coming in toward the top.

Originally released in 1990, starring Craig Shaffer, David Cronenberg, Charles Haid, Anne Bobby, Doug Bradley, and Hugh Quarshie, the film is based off Barker’s short story collection, Cabal. In this world, the writer spins a depiction of humans prosecuting monsters while an underground group of human and monster hybrids seek refuge. Within the plot, an unstable mental patient, fooled by his doctor into believing he is a serial killer, is hunted by police as he hides among these creatures in a cemetery.

Soon this classic will be brought to television, according to sources at Gizmodo.

Clive Barker inside bookstore
Clive Barker speaks at Barnes & Noble during an in-store appearance to promote his new book, 'Abarat' on October 22, 2002 in Los Angeles, California.Featured image credit: Sebastian ArtzGetty Images

David Robinson, President of Morgan Creek Entertainment Group at Syfy, knows that the network has large shoes to fill, but gladly accepts the challenge as they plan to bring another version of the tale alive. Nightbreed has a huge cult following. Syfy has chosen screenwriter Josh Stolberg to tackle this creation. Stolberg is known most recently for his role in Jigsaw, a 2017 addition to the Saw franchise. Based on what Robinson has said to journalists, the take on this Barker reboot is geared to highlight current political and social issues.

“There has never been a more relevant time for us to turn to one of the genre’s great cult classics from our movie library to impact the national conversation with bold, compelling, and unconventional storytelling. The team at Morgan Creek is very excited to partner with Clive Barker, Syfy and Universal Cable Productions on Nightbreed for a unique, trenchant, and no-holds-barred exploration of race relations in today’s society.”

Barker has also recently spoken to Deadline, letting it be known that this film is “near and dear to [his] heart.” Fans will surely be waiting with bated breath, crossing their fingers tightly for the television rendition to do the original justice. Remakes are, as always, a hit or miss venture in Hollywood and on TV networks. Nightbreed is only one of the titles being eyed by Morgan Creek since having re-branded the company in fall, 2017.

This will not be Stolberg’s first foray into the world of Clive Barker. In another article found on Bloody Disgusting, reports came in 2016 and 2017 that the screenwriter was submitting a pilot script for Weaveworld. That new take never seemed to move forward. Hopefully luck will remain on Syfy’s side with Nightbreed. Dates for the adaptation have not been released.