WWE Rumors: A Tag Team Reunion For Big Cass And Enzo Amore Could Be Coming, Per 'Wrestling Observer'

Earlier this year, Enzo Amore was released from his contract after allegations of sexual assault were brought against him. That brought an end to any chance of him reuniting as a tag team with Big Cass in WWE. Despite being rumored for a big push, Big Cass was released from his contract this past week and he is no longer with the company. Now, there are rumors that some independent promotions are already looking for a tag team reunion.

When the tag team was split up in WWE, it was done through a drawn-out angle in which Big Cass was revealed as a mysterious attacker. Eventually, he turned on Enzo Amore and destroyed him in a few matches before they went their own separate ways entirely.

Now, neither one of the superstars has a job with WWE and they will have to find work elsewhere. Enzo Amore, who has been going by the name of "Real1," has been working on his music career, but may want to wrestle more now that Cass is out there again.

According to NO DQ, independent promotions are already looking into booking both men to reunite them as a tag team.

wwe rumors enzo amore big cass reunion outside real1

It's not known if this is going to happen, but it is indeed possible with both Enzo Amore (Real1) and Big Cass out there as free agents. They could end up with Impact Wrestling or NJPW, or any number of independent promotions, but it's going to be at least a few months.

Wrestling Inc. revealed that Big Cass is under a 90-day non-compete clause following his release from WWE. The exact details of that clause aren't known and it could be something that simply keeps him off of televised wrestling events or out of the ring entirely.

One of the things that could throw a monkey wrench into the plans of all these reunion ideas is that Big Cass and Enzo had a real-life falling out. They weren't just ended as a tag team in WWE, but they supposedly stopped being friends entirely outside of the ring.

For the right amount of money, though, anything is possible.

There's no real way of knowing if the "Realest Guys In The Room" will ever reunite as a tag team again, but it's pretty much a certainty that it won't happen in WWE. When Enzo Amore had the allegations brought against him, it was the last straw. Big Cass had a lot riding against him as well in the days leading up to his release. For now, they will go and work elsewhere, but only time will tell if they have a reunion somewhere on the independent circuit.