Meet The PancakeBot, The Best DIY Logo Machine For Your Hunger [Video]

If you love playing with Lego’s and making pancakes, you will love the PancakeBot. This DIY LEGO machine was developed by Lego designer Miguel Valenzuela.

The PancakeBot was actually developed several years ago; however, the developer waited until now to show off his project in detail.

To create his awesome PancakeBot, the developer used a ketchup bottle to squirt pancake batter onto a built-in griddle. The entire pancake device then moves along the griddle to utilize the cooking surfaces entire space.

If you absolutely fall in love with the Lego PancakeBot, you can create your own by reading over Miguel’s step-by-step instructions

Miguel is hoping to attend the San Francisco Maker Faire, and the team is looking for generations to help with further projects.

Just remember that it starts with a simple PancakeBot and before we know it Lego machines are running Skynet and we are all at their mercy.

Here is the Lego PancakeBot in action: