Massachusetts Governor’s Son Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Woman On Plane

Andrew Baker, the son of Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman on a JetBlue flight from Washington D.C. to Boston, reports WVCB.

The junior Baker, who is more commonly referred to as AJ by friends and family, was reportedly removed by state police officials from the flight following the incident. Sources told CBS Boston that Baker, who is in his 20s, allegedly groped an unidentified woman’s breasts repeatedly during the flight. Sources said that she asked him to keep his hands off her, but despite constant protestations on the woman’s part, Baker didn’t stop. He was finally separated by a crew member before state police authorities entered the flight.

A fellow passenger told the station that the woman was visibly after the incident.

State police officials deferred questions about the incident but Andrew Baker is believed to be under investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office since incidents on a plane are outside of state police’s jurisdiction.

JetBlue did not name the passengers involved in the assault but confirmed that an incident had indeed happened “between customers” on its flight.

“On June 20, the crew of flight 1354 were notified of an incident between customers shortly before landing in Boston.”

“The aircraft landed at approximately 11pm local time where it was met by local authorities.”

No charges have been filed against Andrew Baker and U.S. Attorney’s Office did not respond on the pending investigation. But Andrew Baker’s attorney, Roberto Braceras, confirmed that his client was co-operating with the authorities following the complaint by the female passenger.

“A.J. is fully cooperating and looks forward to a resolution of this matter,” he said.

The Massachusetts Governor’s office confirmed that Andrew was under investigation, but Charlie Baker’s lawyer insisted that what happened on the JetBlue flight “is a personal matter for the Baker Family and A.J. will cooperate with any request from authorities.”

According to the Daily Mail, the junior Baker’s social media accounts showed that he is employed by a fitness company in Boston after having graduated from New York’s Union College, where he was president of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity and captain of the football team.

Charlie Baker is a Republican who became the Governor of Massachusetts in January 2015 after beating Democrat Martha Coakley. He had also run in 2010 but was beaten by Democrat Deval Patrick on that occasion. The 61-year-old Republican is running for reelection this year.

We’ll have to wait and see if his son’s involvement in an alleged sexual incident does Charlie Baker any harm, but it would likely be brought up by whoever plans to run against the Massachusetts Governor later this year.

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