Teen Who Sexted With Anthony Weiner Involved In Sex Scandal With Teacher

A new sex scandal has reignited talk about Anthony Weiner’s legal issues involving sexting with minors, and the story now has a strange twist. Weiner is now behind bars for inappropriate communication with an unnamed minor, and that high school student now finds herself at the center of another case of inappropriate behavior between a teen and an adult male teacher in North Carolina.

Radar Online says that Jonathan Busch, 54, a social studies teacher at Lake Norman High School, was arrested for allegedly having sex with Anthony Weiner’s teen victim. Authorities are confirming that the sex didn’t take place at the school and that the girl was not Busch’s student.

Busch has been charged with two counts of statutory rape with a child over 15 and two counts of indecent liberties with a child under the age of 16. The alleged incident took place in 2016 around the same time Anthony Weiner started an inappropriate texting relationship with her.

The North Carolina teacher resigned from his job and he is out on bail. The prosecutor says that they will be investigating the connection between the Gaston County case and the matter involving Anthony Weiner.

The case involving Anthony Weiner ended his political career, his marriage, and now he is behind bars in Massachusetts. When he gets out, he will be a registered sex offender. Weiner is locked up in a facility, the Federal Medical Center, Devens, that specializes in those who have committed sex crimes.

As a result of sexting via Skype with a minor, Weiner is also undergoing therapy and his psychotherapist, Dr. Paul Kelly, thought the Massachusetts facility would be the best place for him to continue his care and the work he needs to do to get well.

“Anthony possesses above average intelligence, he is engaged in learning to self-regulate more effectively, he has a sincere motivation to be a productive member of society, he is developing a strong social recovery supports system, he shows significant fortitude and persistence and is fully engaged in therapy.”

If Weiner exhibits good behavior, his federal sentence could be shortened by 15 percent, but he would have to remain on probation.

The father of the victim of Weiner and allegedly of Busch spoke out after Weiner was convicted.

“I couldn’t stomach that,” he said. “That really was the worst part I think, was knowing that inappropriate behavior was available to my daughter by this man.”

Anthony Weiner is serving 21 months.

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