Rat Burrows Its Way Into ATM, Eats $19,000, Then Dies

Although it may be debatable which lines are shorter between ATM versus teller transactions, the convenience of one over the other is not. Convenient and often quicker, basically anyone with a debit or credit card often prefers stepping up or driving to an ATM machine for deposits or withdrawals, especially mid-commute. What could be more inconvenient than a broken ATM? On June 11, technicians in Tinsukia, Mugdha Jyoti Mahanta arrived at an ATM for State Bank of India. The machine had been reportedly in need of repairs since May 20, claims New18. When they tore the gadget open, inside were the remains of a rat and shreds of over 1.3 million Indian Rupees; the equivalent of over $19,000. Apparently, after squeezing through a hole used for cables, the rat dined itself into oblivion. The incident has even made it into local papers. Meanwhile, a bank employee told reporters that a police investigation has been put into place. Twitter is losing its mind over the fiasco, as reported by CTVNews.

Crime Doctor says that a person does run the element of risk when using an ATM; however, it is doubtful that the writer was referring to thieving rats with an extravagant taste in cuisine gobbling up all of an entire block’s funds.

A security personnel stands outside a State Bank of India ATM, with displays a board that the ATM has no money, in Madras, India, Thursday, April 6, 2006.

Cases of rodent infestations seem to be taking a strange, perhaps even bizarre turn in Assam. Besides damaging property and contaminating food and animal feed, rats are known for spreading disease. They can bring with them various parasites such as fleas, lice, and ticks.

Global Business Solutions is a Guwahati-based financial company FIS. This business operates and supplies that particular ATM. The company states having filled the machine with 29 lakh on May 19, only one day before the destructive incident. In an even more unexpected twist, an investigation is now taking place due to public suspicion and the bank filing a First Information Report over the questionable length of time it took technicians to come out and repair the machine. Twenty-one days passed before anyone was sent to the malfunctioned automated teller machine. A local journalist has voiced his questions on the matter to Scroll.

“May 20 to June 11 is a significant amount of time for an ATM to be out of service. People are suspicious as to why it took so long for the mechanics to arrive.”

An official from the bank did tell media that technicians were able to salvage 17 lakh.

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