'Sex And The City' Star Cynthia Nixon Reveals That Her Son, Samuel, Is Transgender

Just ahead of the 25th anniversary of New York City's Pride Parade, Sex and the City star-turned-gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon has just revealed a well-kept secret: her son, Samuel, is transgender.

The Daily Mail has the scoop about the Sex and the City star's son, who was originally named Samatha. Nixon revealed her son's transgender status in a heartwarming Instagram post that also celebrated that he'd graduated college this month.

When Samantha Nixon got gender reassignment surgery, she changed her name to Samuel Joseph Mozes, and now, he goes by "Seph" for short.

Nixon made the post just ahead of the Trans Day of Action.

Check out the heartwarming photo below.

Samuel graduated from the University of Chicago.

The former star of Sex and the City gave birth to Samuel in November of 1996. His father is Nixon's former partner, Danny Mozes.

Mozes and Nixon also have a son, Charles, who was born in 2002. Nixon now also has a son named Max with her wife, Christine Marinoni. Max was born in 2011.

Marinoni worked for the New York City Deputy Mayor, Richard Buery, until very recently. Marinoni is also known for her activist work.

Nixon is known for her work with LGBTQ issues, but until now, Samuel's transgender status has remained well-hidden. It's unclear whether Samuel will now join his mother on her campaign trail, or if he will be involved with LGBTQ activism alongside his mother and stepmother.

According to the outlet, Samuel has been living as transgender for a number of years, but today's posting was the first time that Cynthia Nixon publicly acknowledged it.

However, this isn't that unusual for those who know the Sex and the City star, as she's known for keeping her private life very private. She rarely, if ever, talks about her marriage or her children, and often tells her children to not get "freaked out" by the attention that someone like her can bring.

However, Cynthia Nixon has never been afraid to use her fame to spread the word about transgender rights.

As she posted on her Twitter page, she feels that it's more important than ever for transgender people to "come out" as queer, especially in the wake of the Trump administration and their discriminatory policies.

What's more, the former Sex and the City star was also recently arrested when she participated in a protest for the "Schools Not Jails" platform.