Facebook’s ‘Bang With Friends’ App Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

The Facebook app “Bang With Friends” is exactly what it sounds like.

Since the birth of Facebook, many users have tried to figure out ways to add hot friends for the express purpose of luring them into carnal, horizontal “relations.” It’s mostly been a trial-and-error effort with varying degrees of success, and with the arrival of strings-free hookup sites, Facebook as a tool to get yourself laid has kind of outlived its usefulness.

Let’s be frank. With all the time you spend courting your Facebook friends, convincing them that you’re not in any way predatory but still interested with various likes, pokes, and picture comments, you’re pretty much putting as much effort into hooking up as you would be if you were dating.

But not anymore.

Just in case the icons and images aren’t enough to convince you, “Bang With Friends” is an app that cuts out the awkward middle man and gets Facebook friends right to the pleasure of the flesh, putting friends who wouldn’t mind having sex with each other into contact.

It works like this: You scroll through your Facebook friends list and click “down to bang” on anyone you’d “bump uglies” with. That user will never know unless he or she also click “down to bang” on you. Then you both get emails that reveal your sinful intentions to each other. From there, it’s on you to follow through.

Interestingly, the app is not very gay friendly. You can only click “down to bang” on friends of the opposite sex, proving that the rift between the rights of homosexuals and their straight counterparts run even deeper than marriage equality. Le sigh.

And does anyone else think it’s hilarious that the contact email for “Bang With Friends” is pimpin@bangwithfriends.com? Suddenly everything makes perfect sense. This app was created by a 7th grader.

You can check out Facebook’s “Bang With Friends” here. Very very very very NSFW, by the way.

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