Ivanka Trump Has A ‘Twisted’ Relationship With Her Father, Reporter Emily Jane Fox Says

In an appearance on MSNBC, Vanity Fair reporter and author of Born Trump, Emily Jane Fox, explained why Ivanka Trump, even though she is a White House adviser, can’t significantly influence policy.

Ivanka, Fox said, has a “twisted” relationship with her father, Donald Trump.

“She stayed silent, and the only explanation is can give you is what I reported in the book. She just has this twisted relationship with her father where she will never really stand up against him. And we’ve only seen her do it one time in the entire time she’s been in the White House and even throughout the campaign. It was with [Alabama Senate candidate] Roy Moore, and he was furious with her after that.”

As a senior White House adviser Ivanka is, naturally, expected to influence policy. Women’s empowerment, women’s entrepreneurship, and issues affecting working families are what Ivanka Trump has, according to the Center for American Progress (CAP), promised to focus on. Although the President’s daughter branded and positioned herself as a supporter women’s empowerment she has, according to CAP, not delivered on her promises.

“Ivanka Trump has the opportunity to be a force for policies that help women. But so far, her work has amounted to little more than photo ops and tweets, and she has failed to articulate a set of concrete policy solutions to address women’s diverse experiences and challenges,” the Center for American Progress concluded.

Echoing CAP’s conclusions, Vanity Fair reporter and author of Born Trump Emily Jane Fox, said Ivanka’s inability to influence her father was evident this week when she waited to break her silence about separating immigrant families, only after her father had already reversed his public position on the controversial issue.

Instead of influencing policy and campaigning for women’s empowerment, Ivanka Trump, according to Emily Jane Fox, focuses on pleasing her father. Donald’s reaction and approval, Fox said, is more important to Ivanka than the advocacy. Ivanka, Fox added, calls herself an advocate, but has not really made an effort to influence her father.

Yesterday, as The Guardian reported, President Donald Trump officially ended his administration’s controversial family separation policy with an executive order. Still, Trump accused Democrats of wanting “open borders” and creating public outrage in order to distract the public from the FBI probe into Hillary Clinton.

However, the executive order instructs government officials to continue its “zero-tolerance” policy, and although migrant children will now be able to stay with their parents, they will stay with them in detention centers. Ivanka Trump praised her father for ending family separation at the border, but only after her father had already reversed his position.

As PBS reported in March this year, Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner have had their powers in the White House heavily restricted. Donald Trump’s son-in-law was briefly withheld security clearance, and Ivanka, PBS noted, has been put in an awkward position of a women’s rights advocate, considering her father’s public comments against women and sexual misconduct allegations.

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