Tori Roloff Claims Her Husband Said 'Fudge' Not 'F***' During 'Little People, Big World' Season Finale

Tiffany Bailey

Tori Roloff is usually quiet about social media controversies. The season finale of Little People, Big World aired earlier this week, airing footage from last year. Roloff and her husband, Zach, were filmed cutting down their Christmas tree. While that may seem like nothing out of the ordinary, what he muttered while doing it has caused quite the outrage from some TLC fans.

It appeared that Zach Roloff may have cursed while filming the cutting down of the tree on Little People, Big World. This stunned some fans who have watched the show since the beginning. Saying the F-word is definitely out of the ordinary, and not something expected from the Roloffs.

According to In Touch Weekly, Tori Roloff is coming to her husband's defense. She is denying that he used the F-word, and instead, she is insisting he said "fudge." Roloff posted to her Instagram story when she realized people were freaking out over Zach and what he did or did not say.

Since welcoming her first child, Tori Roloff has been making headlines. She is the one fans follow for the most part, but now, Zach Roloff has everyone talking. Cursing is a big deal among Little People, Big World fans, especially when he potentially did it in front of the baby. Tori mentioned that Zach has only used the F-word a few times since they met, so blurting it out would be out of character. She insists that she watched the episode four times, each time coming back to the same conclusion.

In a few days, Zach Roloff and his choice of words should be a thing of the past. Little People, Big World fans were just stunned to hear him curse, or use a word that made everyone think he did. Tori Roloff insists that he didn't do it, but fans still aren't convinced. Despite the controversy, it has kept people talking about the Roloffs for a little longer after the season finale. Tori is protective of her husband, and that is something that has touched fans.