Kate Spade's Dad Dies Before His Famous Daughter's Funeral

Patricia Grannum

Kate Spade's family has been hit by tragedy once again. TMZ reports that the famous handbag designer's father, Earl F. Brosnahan, died one day before her funeral on Thursday. He was 89-years-old.

Brosnahan, a U.S. Navy veteran had been in poor health for some time, a statement from the family revealed. He was also "heartbroken" over Kate's death, according to the statement.

TMZ reports that Kate Spade's father had been concerned about his daughter's use of prescription drugs and asked her not to use them. He also reportedly spoke to his daughter the night before her suicide.

A previous article on TMZ reported that a variety of anxiety meds were found by authorities in Kate Spade's Park Avenue home after her death. They did not confirm whether Kate took any of these pills to commit suicide. Police did not find any illegal drugs in her home, however.

As Bloomberg reports, the medical examiner confirmed that Kate's death was caused by suicide by hanging, two days after her body was discovered. Her husband and the co-founder of her eponymous brand, Andy Spade, has said that Kate was dealing with depression during the time leading up to her suicide. In a statement released after his wife's death, Andy disclosed that Kate had been seeing a doctor for her mental health challenges as well.

He added that they spoke to each other the night before her death and that she sounded "happy" to him.

Kate Spade New York recently announced via Instagram that it will donate over $1 million to mental health awareness causes. They also said that they would match their followers' donations as well.

Kate's funeral was scheduled for Thursday, June 21, in Kansas City, Missouri. She was 55-years-old at the time of her death.