‘Days Of Our Lives’ Actress Sal Stowers Reflects On Lani Losing Her Baby

Recent episodes of Days of Our Lives have taken a shocking and traumatic twist as Lani (Sal Stowers) and Eli (Lamon Archey) lost their son during a pre-term cesarean delivery. Although attempting to deliver the baby early saved Lani’s life, who almost died during surgery, the baby didn’t make it.

In a recent interview, Days of Our Lives actress Sal Stowers explained to TV Insider what it was like to be Lani during those heart-wrenching scenes.

Sal Stowers admits that these have been the most difficult and emotional scenes she has played to date. She recalled how the storyline took an emotional toll on her. The actress has not personally experienced pregnancy and has not had to suffer the loss of a child.

I had to dive into Lani’s world, be vulnerable, and just go there. It was really hard! As an artist, you want to be able to tell captivating stories and affect lives.”

And touch lives, she did. The public response to both Lani’s pregnancy and the infant’s premature death have been overwhelming, causing uproar across the internet. Days fans are still reeling from the loss of Lani’s child.

The scenes during Lani’s surgery, where she fantasized of an alternate ending in which Lani birthed a healthy baby were tough on the actress. She painfully recalled being an absolute wreck while filming. There was a real baby that Sal was able to hold, in contrast to the one that Lani lost.

“I was living Lani’s life. She wanted this life with JJ. Having him there was so emotional for me. That precious little girl looked at me and her eyes were just mesmerized.”

The scenes appeared so genuine and touching to every Days of Our Lives viewer because the actress was unscripted.

“Everything that happened in there was me improvising with the baby.”

Fans of the daytime drama wonder what this means for Lani and JJ’s relationship. Stowers stated that Lani doesn’t even know that her child didn’t make it. She will need to deal with her emotions regarding the tragic loss first. There will be guilt and blame before there is healing.

“She’s not capable of giving that any energy because her world has just been turned upside down.”

According to a recent article from the Inquisitr, Lani finds out tomorrow, June 22, that her baby boy has died. According to Sal Stowers, Days of Our Lives viewers can expect to see very raw and extremely real emotion. The writers did not reveal that the story of Lani’s baby was coming to an abrupt end until the week they shot the episodes.

“I remember that day. It still makes me so emotional. I can’t even talk because I’m so emotional about it. I really let myself go. I remember collapsing in Lamon’s arms.”

Stowers finished her thought by saying, “It’s just something that you don’t want to ever hear.”

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