‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: As Lani Hears Her Baby Died, News Of Another Pregnancy Rocks Salem, Fans Upset

Viewers of the daytime drama Days of our Lives watched in agony as Lani went into early labor this week.

Earlier this week, Lani was terrified of experiencing labor so soon in the pregnancy and Kayla did her best to soothe her fears. Valerie scrubbed in to offer additional support. There were complications during the c-section and Lani lost consciousness. Kayla begged her to stay with them and they worked quickly to remove the baby and stop the bleeding.

While everyone was at the hospital, surrounding Lani and Eli with prayer, Kayla updated the family. The Inquisitr recently reported that Lani’s blood pressure dropped during surgery and, as a result, she nearly died on the table. Kayla spoke the words that confirmed what Days of Our Lives viewers already felt in their hearts. The surgeons were able to save Lani’s life, unfortunately, the baby did not survive.

Although Lani is alive, she is still unconscious and doesn’t know that her baby has died. Someone will need to tell her. Being the paternal father of the baby, Eli will believe that it is up to him to inform Lani that their child didn’t make it through the delivery. Eli has taken the loss hard and it has nearly broken him emotionally.

SoapHub spoilers suggest that later this week “Lani receives terrible news.” Eli delivering this message to Lani will not only be difficult for Lani to hear, it will be an especially hard moment for Eli.

Spoilers for next week indicate that Chad will receive some shocking news about his wife. As many fans of Days of our Lives had feared, Abby is pregnant. As luck would have it, the timing lines up so that she doesn’t know who the father of her baby is.

Days of our Lives viewers are aware that, while Abby was suffering from multiple personality disorder, one of her alters fell in love with Chad’s brother Stefan. Outrage hit the internet when the alter (Gabigail) and Stefan slept together. At that time, the Inquisitr captured the public’s response to what they referred to as sexual assault between characters.

Chad walked in on his wife and brother in bed together and immediately beat Stefan to a bloody mess. Eventually, Chad was able to make a breakthrough with Abby, getting her the mental help that she desperately needed. The character has been away from Salem receiving psychiatric help since that time.

Abby’s return to town will undoubtedly shake up both Salem and the internet. Days fans are still reeling from the loss of Lani’s child and the news of a possible “rape baby” will surely add fuel to the fire.

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