‘Days Of Our Lives’ June 19 Episode: Lani Flat-Lines In Delivery And Her Baby Doesn’t Survive [Recap]

At the beginning of today’s June 19 episode of Days of Our Lives, Lani has arrived in the hospital after experiencing contractions and bleeding. Kayla is trying to explain to her that delivering the baby early, via a c-section, is the baby’s best chance at survival. In fact, 90 percent of babies born at 26 weeks gestation do survive.

Lani is scared and hesitant to sign the consent forms that allow Kayla to take her into surgery. It is JJ who eventually convinces her to let Kayla deliver the baby. Lani is a strong woman, but as JJ tells her, she isn’t Superwoman. It is okay to be scared, but they need her alive and well. JJ makes it clear that he needs her to be okay.

On previous episodes of Days of Our Lives, Lani had planned on having Eli, the baby’s father, in the delivery room with her. Unfortunately, in this situation, he isn’t allowed to be there. He is having a tough time handling the pre-term labor and is worried about both Lani and his baby.

JJ slips out of the hospital room and calls Abe, who is with Valerie, Julie, and Doug, to let him know that Lani is in labor. He then heads to the Brady Pub to pick up some food. While there, he runs into Jennifer, Eric, Lucas, and Chloe. Everyone decides to head to the hospital to offer support and prayer.

Eli is scared and doesn’t like to feel that way in front of an audience. At first, he pushes everyone away. Eventually, he warms to the idea of raising his child in a loving family and asks the group to stay. While they are waiting, Abe approaches Eli and asks him to stand by the baby, even if he and Lani never become a romantic couple.

Julie implores Eli to make decisions about their future and living situation. Eli admits that the truth is, they are just partners who happened to make a baby. Lani has been keeping him at arm’s length and he is sure she wishes JJ was the father of her baby.

Lani is terrified of having this baby early. Kayla is trying her best to soothe her fears when Valerie scrubs in and offers additional support. During the surgery, Lani’s blood pressure drops and she loses consciousness. The surgical team begs her to stay with them as Lani walks toward the light. When her life flashes before her eyes, she pictures a happy life with JJ as the baby’s paternal father. Her visions give insight into what Lani truly wanted for her life.

Kayla and Valerie work hard to deliver the baby in time to save both mother and child. When Lani flat-lines on the table, she has another vision of herself with JJ. In this vision, JJ finds out that she slept with Eli, however, he is understanding about it and chooses to stay with her. When her water breaks at the party, Lani delivers the baby surrounded by family.

While everyone is at the hospital waiting for news and praying, Kayla exits the operating room to talk to the family. She admits to everyone that they almost lost Lani on the table. Although she is still unconscious, she is alive. Unfortunately, in today’s episode of Days, Lani and Eli’s baby didn’t survive. As a keepsake, Kayla had the baby boy’s footprints inked for the couple.

Eli is torn apart as the news of this tragedy crushes him. Lani doesn’t know that her baby has died and someone will need to tell her. For now, Eli has to handle his own emotions so that he is ready when Lani needs support.

Jennifer is the only one who notices that JJ is crushed by the loss of this baby as well. At the end of the June 19 Days, Jennifer rushes over to hold her grieving son.

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.