Joe Biden’s Gun Cabinet: A Shotgun Is The Way To Go [Video]

Vice President Joe Biden took part in a Google Plus “Fireside Hangout” Thursday, mostly fielding questions on the issue of gun control. Biden, who is a gun owner himself, made some interesting and at-times contradictory statements regarding his personal stance on the issue and the Obama Administration’s goals.

Biden made sure to mention that the Obama Administration’s goals are about “gun safety” and not “gun control,” which is a new line for the narrative, probably supplied because the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 looks a bit more like “gun control” than “gun safety.”

“My view is that it is totally a guarantee, not negotiable, that I’m able to own a weapon for sporting purposes as well as for my own protection, but there should be rational limits on the type of weapon,” Biden argued, completely contradicting himself.

Anyway, Biden was confronted with a question from YouTube celebrity Philip DeFranco about the potential need for weapons for personal protection in the case of a natural disaster. Uncle Joe’s advice? “A shotgun will keep you a lot safer … than the assault [weapon] in somebody’s hands who doesn’t know how to use it.”

Biden is actually right here. If you can’t defend yourself with a shotgun, that’s just pure Darwinism. Still, the problem with the gun control conversation right now is that the left makes it about need, and the issue isn’t about need at all. Of course no one needs an assault rifle, but that’s a moot point, and not what the issue is about.

It’s about punishing law-abiding gun owners (the dramatic, dramatic majority) for the actions of a slim few, breaking down a complex situation into the easy (instead of the smart) solution, and honestly questioning whether or not taking away some types of guns will make a difference in the long run anyway, because several years ago, it just didn’t, no matter what Bill Clinton says.

What do you think? Is Joe Biden right? Is a shotgun all you really need?

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