‘Temple Run 2’ Hits Google Play Store

One week after being released for iOS, Temple Run 2 — the followup to the wildly popular endless action game — has hit the Google Play Store for Android phones and Kindle devices.

When Temple Run 2 was released for iOS last week, it quickly reached over 20 million downloads and over 210 million sessions. The original has been downloaded over 170 million times, hitting 2.5 million on Christmas Day alone.

Temple Run 2 has the same gameplay as the first game — you steal an idol and have to slide, jump and — of course — run to get away from the demon monkeys that are chasing you. Unlike in the original, however, the sequel has hills, and other little dips and traps that make it a little more difficult than its predecessor. Add to that the fact the demon monkey in the sequel appears to be on steroids and things get a lot more interesting.

Temple Run 2 also incorporates some new modes of transportation, like train carts and zip lines, and new power-ups and abilities. The graphics are also improved and more crisp than the original.

The original Temple Run also inspired a Disney spinoff called Temple Run: Brave. The game was meant to promote the Disney film of the same name, but unlike the original, Brave cost 99 cents to download. It was set in Scotland with Merida as the default character. It also added archery as a feature and added a new power-up, Will-o’-the-Wisps. When the player grabs it, they are transported to a dark version of the game world, where they have to perform the same jumps and turns as in the light version.

Have you downloaded Temple Run 2 yet?