Woman Drinks Dog Urine In Viral Video, Says It Cures Her Bad Acne

A viral video is making the rounds online of a woman claiming the secret to her “glow” is none other than dog urine. In the video, the woman casually collected her dog’s urine and drank the entire cup in one go. As viewers watched in shock, the woman said that “Until I first drank my dog’s pee, I was depressed, I was sad, and I had really bad acne. Dog pee also has vitamin A in it, vitamin E in it, and it has 10 grams of calcium, and it’s also proven to help cure cancer.”

But before you run out to drink a cup of dog urine, you might want to know that there are other alternatives that can be just as effective, detailed Allure. A certified holistic nutritionist, Joy McCarthy, weighed in on the nutritional value of urine.

“Drinking dog or human urine, otherwise known as ‘urine therapy,’ has been around for hundreds of years and has been practiced as a health therapy in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Urine is mostly made up of water, lots of urea, creatinine, various electrolytes, uric acid, trace proteins, and low levels of antibodies and enzymes.”

And sure, that sounds great, but what if you don’t want to drink urine? No problem. McCarthy suggests drinking lemon water or apple cider vinegar mixed with water instead.

For those people who are seriously considering drinking dog urine still, be warned. Dog urine reportedly can have traces of herbicides, which is toxic and unhealthy.

The woman’s claim that dog urine cures all of the diseases that she listed is unknown. Dr. Amy Shah said that she would not use it as a cure for anything, even though little amounts could be “beneficial,” according to the Daily Mail. Shah pointed out that “While most of urine is water, waste, and urea, I still cannot recommend this as a viable alternative to the many diseases it is touted to cure.”

Also, urine is not sterile, although many believe that it is. Human urine can have bacterial colonies and is 95 percent water and 5 percent metabolites, reported Gizmodo. Others point out that drinking urine forces the body to process the toxins twice, which could be detrimental.

In the past, Aztecs supposedly used urine as a disinfectant, while around three million Chinese still use urine therapy to this day. The people who use urine therapy believe that it cures a wide range of illnesses, from colds, AIDS, to lethargy. Also, proponents claim that the medical establishment does not want the general public to know about urine therapy since it costs nothing and would reduce the need for pharmaceutical medicine.