Two Most Important Words To Motivate Women In STEM Careers: ‘You Matter’

The two most important words you can use to motivate women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are “You matter”.

One intentional way we can help our youth better understand STEM and follow the path to learning and leadership these days is to communicate effectively. Conversation can change the way people think, and what is the most basic element of conversation? Words.

According to the Huffington Post, words not only describe the work we do in STEM; words paint a verbal picture and make ideas more vivid. When speaking to students about STEM, our words must be specific, vivid, and audacious.

Some of the inspirational words which should be used in STEM to motivate women include: Goal oriented, hope, inspiration, human-centered, love, ambitious, etc.. And most important of all are two words together. You matter.

According to Huffington Post, you’re probably thinking:

“Two words? Given all the research and rhetoric about the complexities of attracting women into STEM careers, it’s going to take more than two words to solve this.”

True enough, as these two words alone will not be the end-all to motivate women to participate in STEM fields. However, boosting their self worth can work wonders toward making them feel like they might just be able to handle such daunting fields. And they can, because “you matter”.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, while it is true that women can get by rather well on looks alone, it tends to be self-deprecating and stereotypical. In another report by The Inquisitr, actress Zooey Deschanel says even such coveted jobs as acting tend to require little more than being grossly underweight.

The words “You matter” are affirming, vision casting, and a call to action. If we want to unleash a new generation of women to enter the workforce asking, “How are we going to change the world?”, instead of “How am I possibly going to understand this stuff in a field dominated by men?”, we need to motivate them.

Do you believe those two words can make a difference in motivating women to STEM careers, or do we need to look further into it?

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