Texas: Two More Schools Will Allow Teachers To Carry Guns

Two more Texas schools have decided to allow teachers to pack a gun to school. A school in the small town of Harrold has allowed educators with a concealed carry permit to bring weapons into the school since 2007. Louise and Ganado municipalities are two Texas schools which have most recently decided to permit guns in school for safety reasons.

Ganado Superintendent Jeff Black told KHOU-TV that the reasoning behind the decision is based upon making the district safe for both the students and the staff. Critics of the decision worry that armed teachers might create additional security concerns. There have been no reports of decreased safety of violent incidents at the Harrold school since teachers began carrying guns.

Realistically, teachers around the country could already be packing when they enter the classroom. Unless educators have to walk through a metal detector or submit to a search before entering the building, a multitude of guns could be quietly tucked away inside purses and book bags. In a Utopian society, everyone follows the rules. Since none of us reside at 1546 Utopia Drive, it is feasible to assume that not all teachers are waiting for school concealed carry policies to change.

Ganado appears to be a rather Norman Rockwell type area. The local police chief notes that no murders have occurred in the Texas town in 15 years, according to The Blaze. Teachers must garner approval from the school board before permission to bring gun into the building is granted. The identities of the gun-toting educators will be kept anonymous.

Union Grove Independent School District in Gladwater also approved a similar policy. Due to the number of Texas schools implementing or considering concealed carry privileges for teachers, state officials are pondering new training programs. If the current law is expanded, special training standards and funding avenues for school districts permitting guns on campus could be permitted.

The current Texas gun law requires schools to have written permission for gun carrying on campus. To date, five public schools in the states are allowed to arm teachers.

Do you think allowing teachers to carry guns will increase school safety?

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