Fake J.C. Penney Prices Spark Shopper Scandal

An allegation of fake J.C. Penney prices has been traversing the web after a charged column in a conservative New York newspaper published detailed accusations pegging the retailer as chronically dishonest in their pricing methods.

The allegation of fake J.C. Penney prices follows a year of controversies for the chain, which came under fire and earned conservative ire for hiring openly gay spokeswoman Ellen DeGeneres and standing by the choice, declining to fire her as pressure from anti-gay groups mounted.

The fake J.C. Penney prices allegation also follows a bold move for the retailer to eliminate sales altogether, promising consistent low prices to remain attractive to American shoppers.

The joint moves are said to have harmed the retailer, and now the right-leaning New York Post has claimed that Penney has always misled consumers regarding price, but that the issue has worsened.

The piece cites retail sources as confirming the fake J.C. Penney prices, and writer James Covert begins his piece by alleging:

“Fake prices are coming back at JCPenney, and this time they’ll be more fake than ever … In a fresh bid to highlight Penney’s prices as low, CEO Ron Johnson is pushing some manufacturers to concoct phony suggested retail markups for their clothing, sources told The Post.”

Penney’s move last year away from sales and discounts was framed as one to provide transparency, and CEO Ron Johnson said at the time that sales damaged the brand’s perceived value:

“Now most things are on 60 percent markdown, and every time we do that, we’re discounting Penney’s brand.”

Executives at the retailer have not yet commented on the fake J.C. Penney prices allegations made by the New York Post.

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