‘General Hospital’ Recap: Jason Slips At Ferncliff While Nelle Tells Tales, Sets Chase Up For Confrontations

Things are heating up in Port Charles this week and General Hospital viewers had plenty to take in during Tuesday’s show. Nelle and Chase have a history together while Anna and Finn finally hit the sheets, and Jason’s plan to help Carly may have just hit a snag. What else went down during the June 19 episode?

General Hospital spoilers via the show’s Twitter page had teased that viewers would get insight into the complicated history “Janelle” and Chase shared and that’s exactly what everybody got in Tuesday’s show. The detective connected with his former partner from the investigation into Zack’s death and he flashed back to some of what went down.

As SheKnows Soaps recaps, during the investigation after the incident, Chase pressed Nelle on the accident with Zack and what happened prior to it. He ultimately believed that she was being truthful, but his partner at the time, Abby, was less convinced. Apparently, she deferred to her partner’s instincts and Nelle was released.

Later, Chase visited Nelle in Florida because Zack’s family was giving her a hard time. Chase’s version of events shows that Nelle paid him a visit at his hotel ahead of plans they had made to meet up and she seduced him. He fell for her, but as General Hospital viewers know, it ended up backfiring on him.

As Chase was reviewing the old file he got from Abby, Nelle was at the Floating Rib telling Michael about her previous connection to the detective. However, the story she told had some significant differences. She relayed that Chase was ruthless during the investigation and she claimed that he followed her back to Florida from Maine.

Nelle laid it on thick, crying as she told Michael how desperate she was and how much she needed Chase’s help. She said that the detective was off-kilter and obsessed, but General Hospital viewers didn’t have to wonder about this story for long. As she reeled Michael in on her tall tale, she flashed back to having lured Chase into bed and then reporting him to the department for inappropriate behavior as soon as she had the chance.

General Hospital spoilers for the week have detailed that Chase would have confrontations with both Michael and Dante, and Michael did track him down at the PCPD and question whether he was following Nelle. This will carry over into Wednesday’s show, and fans are hoping that Michael will keep an open mind as he listens to what Chase has to say about his past with Nelle.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Anna and Finn basked in the afterglow of their night together and shared some additional steamy moments. Alexis met with Sam and gave her the papers she needed regarding Aurora, and Sam noticed the watch she was wearing that belonged to her mother.

Elizabeth and Scott did some bonding at General Hospital, chatting about the wedding, and Franco connected with Kevin about the upcoming event. Kevin offered free counseling to Franco as a wedding gift and Franco admitted that he wasn’t one to turn down some free therapy.

When Franco and Liz reconnected, he asked once again about having her family at the wedding. Elizabeth remained consistent in saying she didn’t want them there, but spoilers suggest she won’t get her wish. At the end of Tuesday’s show, viewers saw someone looking at a social media post and it would appear that it’s Sarah Webber posting about how excited she is for her little sister’s wedding.

Over at Ferncliff, Carly did her best to lay low, but Mary Pat quickly picked up on the change in her demeanor. Kevin shared that he’d adjusted Carly’s medications, and this brought forth some tense moments between Kevin and Mary Pat.

Jason hovered in the background, continuing his fake janitorial job, and he grabbed a quick moment with Carly to talk with her. Unfortunately for Jason, Kevin spotted him and called out his name, and both Justin and Mary Pat heard him. Many suspect that this may cause new problems in Jason’s plan to save Carly.

It certainly looks as if there’s a new Sarah Webber headed to Port Charles, but no firm General Hospital spoilers have emerged on this yet. What comes next for Chase, Nelle, and Michael? How will Carly get out of Ferncliff? There’s a lot of crazy stuff playing out on GH right now and spoilers suggest that there are some great moments on the way that fans won’t want to miss.

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