Ariana Grande Reveals New Album Cover, Song Dedicated To Pete Davidson

Dave HoganGetty Images

Ariana Grande’s world has been constantly changing in recent times, breaking up with long-term boyfriend Mac Miller, who subsequently was charged with a DUI, sparking a relationship with Pete Davidson (who was reportedly “on a break” from a different relationship upon meeting Grande), to now being engaged only a few weeks later with an album on the way too. It seems like the “Break Free” singer is truly juggling the world right now.

However, the most recent news regarding the pop sensation comes with some significant points regarding Grande’s upcoming body of work.

After unveiling the album’s title, Sweetener, Grande took to social media for a week cryptically unveiling the cover art for the new body of work, but did it sporadically, piece by piece.

A separate Instagram page with the same name as the album was established and began posting the pieces of the picture that now make up the entire complete album art. The mysterious page amassed 290,000 followers in a week.

Through this unique reveal, fans can now glimpse at the final picture, which showcases an upside-down Grande against an earth-tone background. The singer’s hair is pulled into her iconic ponytail and her face exhibits a well-known Grande mannerism. Simple text identifying it as “Sweetener” runs below the singer’s head.

However, the hottest point of discussion surrounding the artist is still her whirlwind relationship with Saturday Night Live actor Pete Davidson, whom she is now engaged to after only a short time being together, and now how that will relate to her music.

It is without a doubt that being so head-over-heels in love with someone, especially as an artist, would lead you to create art about that person, and Grande is no exception to that.

Teasing fans with a Twitter clip showing a brief snippet of new music, the most devoted followers were quick to ask the singer what the song was and whom it was really about, to which she responded that it was indeed an interlude off of her new project and that it is about Davidson.

Of course, this drew controversy as well, as Grande’s newest relationship has done since the public gained knowledge of its existence. Despite the attacks against her decision making, she seems to want to address the hate directly and attempt to bed it.

She shared to her Twitter followers, “forreal. the truth is ☕️ i been the f*** thru it and life’s too short to be cryptic n sh** about something as beautiful as this love I’m in. so ǝʇǝԀ it is.”

Despite the hate, it seems as though Grande and Davidson are getting along great now, and the pair appears to be very happy with one another, even taking to moving in together recently.

You can currently stream Grande’s collaboration with Nicki Minaj, “Bed,” and her dreamy duet with Troye Sivan, “Dance To This.”

Sweetener drops in August, with album pre-orders beginning on June 20.