‘The Bachelorette’ Week 4 Recap: Sparks Fly For Becca Kufrin With Garrett & Wills, Drama Shakes Up Her Journey

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Becca Kufrin and her guys got to leave California for Episode 4 of ABC’s The Bachelorette 2018 season and the next dates took place in Utah. She had some great dates with a couple of the guys, but things got intense and dramatic in other instances and this nearly derailed her journey to find love.

As ABC recapped, Becca Kufrin faced an odd moment and a rose ceremony before heading to Utah and her next dates. David Kravitz returned to the mansion after his shocking incident and this left Jordan Kimball wound up. Mike Renner and Ryan Peterson were sent home, and the Bachelorette crew headed to Utah.

Becca’s first Bachelorette one-on-one in Utah went to Garrett Yrigoyen and they did some shopping and joking around. Later in the evening, they went bobsledding and Kufrin admitted that she was quickly developing intense feelings for Garrett.

During dinner, Yrigoyen opened up to Kufrin about the fact he’d been married before. His marriage lasted only a couple of months, which caused Becca to feel somewhat concerned. However, Garrett talked with the Bachelorette about how he was trying to find a real connection and he did get the rose. The two got to take in a concert with Granger Smith together and Yrigoyen admitted that he’s already fallen for Becca.

The Week 4 Bachelorette group date had a lumberjack theme and the men faced off against one another in some challenges. The group then had dinner, and this is where Jordan donned the gold underwear Becca had given him earlier and this threw off the vibe of the after party.

Colton Underwood thought that Jordan was being disrespectful and told him as much, but things got even tenser when Kufrin sat down with Jean Blanc. As was previously shared via the Inquisitr, Becca’s time with Jean Blanc took a turn that felt fairly Arie-like and it left her frustrated and rattled.

The next day, Wills Reid was tasked with helping Becca move past her anger from the prior night. The two went snowmobiling and Kufrin decided that he was the right guy to help her pick her mood back up again. He talked with the Bachelorette about how the love of his life had cheated on him and he got the rose.

Kufrin decided she didn’t need a cocktail party before the next rose ceremony, and she decided to send home Christon Staples and Nick Spetsas in addition to having already eliminated Jean Blanc. The Bachelorette spoilers detail that Episode 5 will take Becca Kufrin and her remaining 12 men to Las Vegas and Reality Steve teases that there’s a dramatic two-on-one date in this one.

Despite encountering plenty of drama along the way, Becca Kufrin has said she’s engaged and in love and fans are rooting for her in this engagement. Tune in to ABC on Monday, June 25 to see the Week 5 Bachelorette show and all of the drama that goes along with it.