Chelsea Houska’s Husband Cole DeBoer Has Odd Run-In With Adam Lind’s Mom On ‘Teen Mom 2’

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer will be seen chatting about a run-in he had with Adam Lind’s mom, Donna, during tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2.

In a sneak peek shared by OK! Magazine on June 18, Houska and DeBoer sit in their living room, where he reveals that while exchanging Aubree after a weekend visit, he learned that Lind’s mother doesn’t actually believe that he isn’t a fit parent. In fact, despite Lind’s failed drug test, Donna does not believe that he is using drugs.

According to DeBoer, Lind’s mother informed him that she would be showing up to their home to talk to Houska in the future, but he made it clear that his wife would not be communicating with her. Instead, Donna could talk to him.

At that point, Donna accused the couple of “blindsiding” her family and hurting them with their custody filing regarding Lind’s time with his daughter.

In response to Lind’s mother’s outlandish claim, DeBoer pointed out that their current fight for Aubree was only for the safety of Aubree and when it comes to pointing fingers, the blame should be put on Lind and no one else. After all, it is Lind who failed a drug test and was arrested on numerous occasions in recent years.

As the Teen Mom 2 scene continued, Cole DeBoer said that he reprimanded Donna for attacking Chelsea Houska while failing to acknowledge any of her son’s wrongdoings.

“It’s like they believe whatever he’s telling them,” Houska said, noting Donna’s refusal to believe that her son is actually using drugs and making a habit of getting arrested.

“Everyone is lying, I guess!” Houska joked.

Houska then revealed that Donna had allegedly questioned Aubree about going to a visitation center with her dad and informed her that Houska and DeBoer are using lies against her father.

Houska has been doing whatever she can to protect her daughter, but unfortunately, Donna appears to be giving her a hard time for making sure that her daughter isn’t in harm’s way. Luckily, Donna’s beliefs won’t have an impact on her custody arrangement in the future, and when it comes to Lind’s downward spiral, his arrests and failed drug test speak much louder than anything she could possibly say in his defense.

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