Beyonce & Jay-Z Release ‘Everything Is Love’ Album On Spotify Following Diss

On Saturday afternoon, The Carters broke the internet yet again when they surprised fans with the release of the couple’s first ever joint album, Everything is Love. As it was previously reported by Inquisitr, the nine-track album features both singer Beyonce and her husband, rapper Jay-Z, in their first ever collaborative record together. In the past, the couple worked together numerous times on one another’s songs, but Everything Is Love will mark the pair’s first joint album together ever since first collaborating in 2002 on Jay-Z’s “’02 Bonnie & Clyde.” As it was reported by Inquisitr per Vulture, the power couple released the album exclusively on Jay-Z’s streaming service, Tidal. Along with the nine-track album, the president and first lady of Tidal released the song “Salud,” an exclusive bonus track being streamed separately from the couple’s joint album. Fans, of course, were shocked when the duo released the album. While many Jay-Z and Beyonce fans found no issues with the album being streamed exclusively through Tidal, some fans were left in the dark. Many were left wondering if they would be forced to sign up for the streaming service in order to hear the Carters’ album or if the duo were going to release their first collaborative album on other music services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Logically, it made sense for The Carters to release the album exclusively on their own streaming service platform as opposed to other music streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music, especially considering how the pair has growing tension with the companies.

Well, just a few days later, it’s being reported by E! that Bey and Jay have decided to drop their album to Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and iTunes. With the album now being available on all music streaming services, fans who didn’t have Tidal will now have the opportunity to stream the couple’s album after it’s release on June 16. Fans looking to stream the album will find it under the pair’s artist name: The Carters. However, their new track “Salud” is still exclusive to Tidal only. The couple’s decision to release the album to other streaming outlets comes as a bit of a shock and surprise to fans considering how Beyonce was said to diss streaming services like Spotify on the duo’s track, “Nice.” In the song, the multi-Grammy Award-winner referenced how she has yet to release her last solo record, Lemonade, to the streaming service.

“Patiently waiting for my demise / Cause my success can’t be quantified,” she sang. “If I gave two f–ks, two f–ks about streaming numbers / Would have put Lemonade up on Spotify.”

Known for their business-savvy, money making moves, it looks as though The Carters are putting all personal feelings aside and allowing their fans to stream, purchase, and hear their history-making album on all musical platforms.

As it was previously reported by Inquisitr, the couple already seems to be making history after dropping their first music video from the album, “APESH*T,” which was filmed at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Since its release on Youtube, the video has become a huge conversation piece and has been viewed more than 13 million times and counting.

Warning: The video below features strong, not safe for work language as well as nudity in some of the famous artwork at The Louvre.

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