Beyonce And Jay-Z Release First Video From ‘Everything Is Love’ Album, Set At The Louvre

The Carters, Beyonce and Jay-Z, shocked the world when they released a new joint album, Everything Is Love, while they’re performing across the globe on their On The Run II Tour. The first music video from the album also dropped today, and the video’s setting is everything.

The Daily Mail reported that the couple filmed the video for the song, “Apes**t,” at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Ricky Saiz directed the short film.

Shot inside the museum next to some of the world’s most recognizable artwork, in many places, the power couple became part of the art themselves along with a group of synchronized dancers and others who appeared in the video. Near the music video’s opening, a scene sees the Carters in front of the always recognizable and forever inscrutable “Mona Lisa.”

They’re dressed for business with Beyonce in a silky pink suit that she paired with serious bling on her neck and ears, and Jay-Z clad in a mint green double-breasted suit paired with a large gold chain and pendant. Together, they look as stoic and enigmatic as the woman in the painting.

Fans had plenty to say about the video, the music, the lyrics, and of course, Beyonce rapping. Overall, the mood of fans was that they appreciated hearing her try some new things. While some followers did not love the song itself, most people seriously enjoyed the visuals in the unexpected video.

Warning: The video below features strong, not safe for work language as well as nudity in some of the famous artwork at The Louvre.

One interesting verse in the song features Jay-Z rapping the lyrics, “I said no to the Super Bowl/ You need me, I don’t need you/ Every night we in the endzone/ Tell the NFL we in stadiums too.”

The end of the video featured a beautiful painting called “Portrait of a Black Woman (Negress)” by Marie-Guillemine Benoist, which hangs in the museum.

Just days ago, fans began speculating that Bey might be pregnant with the couple’s fourth child, Inquisitr reported. Earlier this week, the couple gave a shoutout to their twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, on their first birthday. If Beyonce is actually in the family way again, the child and the twins will be close in ages.

One thing, though, signs of a possible pregnancy weren’t visible in the video, but it was filmed in Paris in May.

Overall, Beyonce and Jay-Z surprised the world with Everything Is Love, and this stunning new video. The fact that they filmed it at such a luxe locale makes the secret that much more surprising.

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