Beehive Believes Beyonce And Jay Z Are Pregnant With Fourth Child

The Beehive thinks that Beyonce is pregnant. The baby would be Mrs. Carter’s fourth child with her husband, Jay Z.

The buzz comes just days after the power couple celebrated the first birthday of their twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, according to Inquisitr. They gave the babies a shout out from the stage to mark the special day.

The sleuthing fans took to social media to post the “clues’ from pictures they’ve seen during Jay Z and Beyonce’s co-headlining On the Run II Tour, according to a Mercury News report.

The eagle-eyed, baby bump watchers posted images of Beyonce, 36, wearing big, baggy coats, strategically placed ruffles, and even an adorable little heart on one gold sequined dress right on top of her stomach, according to Your Tango. With her twins just barely one-year-old, though, it’s possible she could be merely hiding a bit of additional baby weight. Plus, a C-section might have left her stomach looking vastly different after her twins came into the world.

The couple has not confirmed or denied any of the talk surrounding a possible pregnancy. Considering some of Beyonce’s cryptic messages in the past, fans certainly took the heart, well, to heart and jumped on the possibility of another little Carter (or two) joining the world.

Considering all the ways that the number four plays an essential role in the Carters’ life, choosing to have a fourth child would make a lot of sense. The couple shares matching tattoos of the Roman numeral, IV, on their ring fingers. Additionally, they said “I do” on the fourth day of the month. Both entertainers were born on the fourth day of the month. Their daughter, Blue Ivy’s middle name is pronounced like the phonetic version of the Roman numeral four. Last, but not least is Jay Z’s album, 4:44.

“Look I haven’t seen a tour outfit that makes me say ‘oh she’s definitely not pregnant.’ She’s wearing blazers, capes and extra accessories around her abdomen. I’m suspicious. Beyonce might be pregnant again,” Twitter user Tara Vancil shared. Vancil posted multiple images of the “Love On Top” singer in the different costumes that sparked her curiosity.

If the mother-of-three is pregnant, this pregnancy comes right on the heels of her twins. Perhaps she and Jay Z wanted to make sure they completed their family and had the number of children they wanted to have, or maybe it was just an accident. Of course, the Lemonade singer’s little bump could turn out to be a food baby, too.