Savannah And Chase Chrisley Share Adorable Father’s Day Tributes To Their Dad, Todd Chrisley

Savannah Chrisley and her brother, Chase Chrisley, have nothing but love when it comes to their father Todd Chrisley.

As many fans know, Todd Chrisley can often times be seen on their hit show, Chrisley Knows Best, gushing over how much he loves his kids — even when he jokes around sarcastically. And it should come as no surprise that 20-year-old Savannah and 21-year-old Chase feel the same way about their dad as he does about them. Yesterday, the siblings took to their respective Instagram accounts to share sweet tributes to their dad on Father’s Day.

In his post, Chase shares two photos of himself with his dad. In the first of the two images, Chase and Todd both look dapper in suits with Chase in a powder blue suit and Todd rocking a black suit. Both men are all smiles for the camera and look incredibly alike in the photo! The next photo in the series shows Chase and Todd being interviewed together. They both sit in director’s chairs while sporting huge smiles on their faces as they appear to be answering interview questions.

In the caption of the post, Chase writes that he is beyond grateful for his father and his fans hearts absolutely melted over the post. Thus far, Chase’s tribute to his dad has already gained over 30,000 likes and dozens of comments. Many fans commented on the photo to wish the reality star a happy Father’s Day while countless other fans couldn’t help but point out how handsome the father/son duo is.

“Chase, you have such a sweet spirit!! Happy Father’s Day to your Dad!!!”

“Two great looking men,” another wrote.

And like her brother, Savannah also took time to wish her dad a happy Father’s Day in the sweetest way possible. On her Instagram account, Savannah shared a throwback picture with her pops. In the image, the two pose together on a water slide as a bathing-suit-clad Savannah sits on her dad’s lap. Both Todd and Savannah have huge smiles on their faces and as Savannah shares with fans that this is one of her favorite pictures with her father.

Savannah also received a ton of attention on her sweet post from her 1.6 million followers. Within less than a day of being posted, Savannah’s picture has already earned 94,000 likes as well as 330 plus comments. Obviously, most fans were quick to again point out what a great father that Todd appears to be to his children, especially fans who watch their show.

“You are an exceptional father and have exceptional children.”

“Todd Chrisley is such a wonderful dad! I am just as dramatic, over protective, and extra as he is!! My kids get aggravated with me.. but that’s our job as parents!! Love the Chrisley family. Happy fathers day Todd,” another fan gushed.

You can catch Todd and his kids on their hit show, Chrisley Knows Best on Tuesday nights on USA Network.