The Royal Family Will Have Its First Same-Sex Marriage This Summer

With the recent news surrounding all things royal, it seems as though there will be another historical moment in Great Britain’s most well-renowned family with the marriage of two individuals of the same sex.

With the massive amount of attention given to Meghan Markle’s groundbreaking wedding to Prince Harry, one could only assume the level of significance the public holds seeing a royal male marrying another male outside of the monarchy.

As reported by Entertainment Tonight, Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin, Lord Ivar Mountbatten, is set to be wed to partner James Coyle later in the summer. In an interview with Daily Mail, the royal explained the details of the event that had already been established.

The small service will take place at a private church in Devon, England, only to be physically attended by Mountbatten’s former wife, Penny, their three children, Ella, Alix, and Luli, as well as a select small circle of close friends and other non-immediate family members.

The lord drew quite a bit of attention when he revealed his sexual orientation back in 2016, being the first royal to do so. Prior to the reveal, the only other individual in the lord’s life who was aware of his sexual orientation was his wife, whom he wed in 1994 and was with until 2011.

The to-be-wed royal had also mentioned in the interview that he had told his wife when their relationship began that he was bisexual.

Also, Penny has reportedly been an active supporter of her ex-husband’s relationship and wedding plans, even establishing that she will be the one to give him away during their wedding ceremony.

The couple also mentioned that they are attempting to be as non-traditional as possible and most likely will even refrain from wearing tuxedos to the event.

The couple told The Daily Mail, “We’re not cutting cakes. We’re not having a first dance. We’ll be pronounced partners in marriage, but the ceremony itself will be very small.”

“We’ll have lovely food and really good music, but there won’t be two men in tuxedos on a cake, white doves or anything twee or contrived like that,” Coyle stated.

“We’ll probably have cheese, instead of cake,” Mountbatten continued.

While attempting to refrain from a ceremony with the scale and media coverage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s, the couple does insist that they plan on having a reception following the wedding, but with an attempt to limit traditional cliches associated with events such as that.

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